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I help nurses: 

  • Define profitable business ideas

  • Design personal, premium brands

  • Deliver their offerings with simple, streamlined marketing so that they can generate consistent and predictable income as:

Concierge Nurses + Coaches + Consultants + Clinic Owners + Course Creators + Speakers


There is a simple way to start and scale your business

If you’re ready to experience more success, freedom from the bedside and build a business in a simplified manner, then it’s time to be intentional on the path you take. 

I know what it’s like to have 2 or 3 jobs, be a single mom, take care of extended family members and still want to start a business.  But you are burning the candle at both ends, and maybe you are wondering how long you can sustain all of it?

I can tell you persistence is the key to your success, but only if your efforts are focused on aspects that will move you forward (not keep you in place).  

And there are great things waiting for you on the other side of overwhelm.  

I see so many nurses struggling, which is why I’m taking a stand for simplifying the process of starting a business.

Here's How To Get Started...

Free Programs

Getting Started Is Always Free

We have an easy way for you to access learning and training from us for free.    

Marketing Services

Grow & Scale your Business

Accelerate your success to the next level by establishing your online presence with website design, lead magnets, email marketing funnels and more.


60 Minute Intensive Training

We teach you the roadmap to success in your business and ways to partner with us to achieve your dreams of starting a profitable and impactful business


Catie Harris

PhD, MBA, RN - Founder NursePreneurs

I support nurses to leverage the nursing knowledge they already have into a marketable and desirable product or service.

You already know everything you need to start a highly profitable business.  You don’t need more licenses, certifications or degrees. 

Your nursing skills and knowledge are exactly what people are desperately looking for –  they WANT, NEED and DESIRE coaching, counseling, consulting, services, training in every aspect of health and wellness. 

You can teach what you know within your scope of practice and people will pay top dollar for it!

What People Say


Tracy Flood, MSN, RN , Advanced Practice Nurse

"No one tells you all the issues that will come up that aren't even related to nursing. Catie was better than any therapist. She helped me see what was holding me back and how to get past the barriers I put up for myself."


Lori Peters, MSN, RN , Depo Med Liasion Nurse Rep

"Finding clarity is such a gift. I didn't understand how I could make a business out of my nursing knowledge. I was really "out" there with my ideas. Catie took my big ideas and showed me
a path that I couldn't see by myself. She was amazing to work with."


Lisa White Porter, MSN, RN

I am still working through module one, but loving it. It has actually made me perform some deep soul searching and be able to put my thoughts into words. That may be because I have not followed the order but who knew I had to build a business around a product? But now I am loving it! I just get lost in the research and want to dive deep, read every link, every book, do every activity.


Bob Hess, PhD, RN, FAAN , Executive Vice President & Chief Clinical Executive On Course Learning;

"Catie has mastered the art of taking nothing and transforming it into something amazing. You'd have to be crazy not to jump at an opportunity to work with her. She IS the 'trusted authority' in business coaching."


Giuliana LaBella, RN , Owner, ReviveMedicineGroup.

"We literally went from lunch to launch in a couple months. I had been walking around with this idea for a business in my head.. but there was never enough time,enough money to get started.. But what it came down to just needing someone in my corner rooting me on and giving me step by step guidance. Catie is the best mentor that I didn't know I needed to ask for."


Dominick Osipowicz, MSN, RN , Neuroscience Nurse

"Catie is truly my mentor. She has given me so much and kept the bar raised for me. She knew that I was capable of so much more than I could see."


Carey Heck , PhD, RN

"As an academic, I'm really skeptical of online courses and crazy claims just like any one should be.. But Catie is the real thing. The amount of time and effort she poured into her course rivals the best of anything I've seen come out of a University setting and you'll know it's great stuff from the first lesson."


Kimberly Flowers , Owner, Beauty and the Brand.

"Catie is amazing to work with. She is a beautiful person and I'm so glad I had a chance to meet her."


Dave Crane , Global Motivational Speaker, author and best selling author.

"Catie is one of those really genuine people you only meet once in a while who has the potential to change your life."

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