100 Days Of Action 
Build Your Online Nursing Business

Dr. Catie Harris, NursePreneur Mentor, acclaimed author & leading expert in teaching nurses to start businesses, reveals her proven system in her latest book.

In 100 Days Of Action, get a daily task that will lead you closer and closer to establishing an online nursing business.  Originally, this book was delivered as an email series called the 100 Days of Summer.  I took that email campaign, refined it, improved it and systematized it, so you could refer to your daily actions on command.  No need to sift through your emails looking for that "one thing".

Simply Check Out The Table Of Contents:

  • Set up your blog

  • Build your website

  • Establish your brand

  • Where to find potential clients for your business BEFORE you start

  • Navigating licenses, insurance and regulations for nursing businesses

  • Step-by-Step Email Marketing explained

  • Video Integration

  • Creating your first webinar

  • Launching an online course

  • Writing the book from within you

Literally in 100 days you could have everything you need to start an online nursing business set up and ready to go.  Too fast?  Do a task once every 3 days.  It doesn't matter.  Finally you are on a path that has a beginning and an end.  No matter how long you want to take just get started today!

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