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Start A Wildly Profitable Staffing Agency

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a healthcare staffing business, but quickly got overwhelmed, or received a lot of negative feedback from naysayers in your life, then this article is for you.. Nicole Caillier, a nurse with over 14 years of experience in healthcare staffing says that nurses can follow a predictable path to success […]

How To Get Media For Your Nurse Business

Imagine your business was featured all over the media. How would this impact your perceived value on your business? Media can be leveraged quickly to catapult your business into celebrity status because they have a high volume of traffic and when you’re first starting out, that’s what you’re missing. Your website is missing traffic. And […]

Create Value in your Facebook Group

  Facebook groups can be a powerful way for you to establish yourself as an influencer and monetize the group. The problem is that most nurses and new entrepreneurs don’t know how to finesse this, and they go for two strategies.       The first strategy is that they join as many Facebook groups […]

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