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How Far Can You Stretch Yourself?

What is the one thing you are super afraid of doing? Public speaking?  Singing?  Being the Leader? Just the very thought of public speaking had the power to make me start hyperventilating. And then I became an assistant professor.  Basically my job was to get up and start speaking to the class or to do presentations […]

Nurses In Business Making Money is NOT Evil

nurses in business make money

I used to be self-righteous about doing lots of work for little pay.  And nurses who were in it for the money?  Well they were evil…
After all, can you be a good nurse if you are happy and making lots of money? Well, the stereotype is the poor, haggard nurse who is verbally abused and dismissed makes no money, but lives the life of a minted martyr who has a special place in the after life.

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