The Concierge Nurses have created a program that is unlike anything else that is available out there.  Not only do you get all the material you need to structure your time as a Concierge Nurse, you get the one thing other programs don't offer - REFERRALS AND MARKETING!   

You don't need to spend a lot money to become a successful concierge nurse running a profitable business. 

You just need guidance from industry experts.

What you get:

  • Concierge Nurse Course that includes templates 
  • HR Handbook for hiring/firing and staying compliant
  • Concierge Coaches assigned to a small group of nurses for personalized attention
  • Legal contracts, forms, waivers and insurance information you need to get started
  • Scale your business with Add On Services Workshop - make more money with every client
  • Instagram Marketing to scale quickly and for free in just minutes a day


  • Get listed on our Concierge Nurse Network
  • Private Membership Group where the Concierge Nurses share business ideas
  • Done For You - Policy and Procedure Manual that you just put your logo on
  • 1:1 Business consultation with your assigned Concierge Nurse who works directly with you
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4 Month Payment Plan




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4 Month Payment Plan 


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What other nurses say about some of our Concierge Nurses:

--> Kimble is so passionate and real.  The value of this program should be many thousands and thousands of dollars.  This program and Catie's guidance is literally changing my life. ~Gail Weatherill, RN

--> I knew immediately that Rochelle was the answer.  I struggled with getting leads, and this was just so obvious.  I finally have the answer I've spent so much to find (for so little) ~Gwen Jewell, RN

--> Noreen was amazing.  I really thought working with NursePreneurs was going to be a $5-10k product.  I couldn't get my money out fast enough and it's been worth every penny and more.  ~Jill Weberding, RN


The Concierge Nurses


Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, RN 

CEO & Founder, NursePreneurs 

"This is the exact 3-phase strategy 

we have used to help nurses to build a profitable 

concierge nurse business." 

Turn your passion into a profitable concierge nurse business 

FREE TRAINING from concierge nurses in the industry 

who can actually help you achieve your dreams


Our Concierge Nurses have been the most successful in the business. They have found unique and ingenous ways to generate highly profitable business models that they want to share with you.

The concierge nurse model is proven, but up until now there have been no role models.

General business coaches don't "get" what you want to do.  They don't understand what nurses can do and they certainly won't have any ideas of how you can expand.

In our meetings our concierge nurses are constantly brainstorm new avenues for business opportunites, and we've discovered a lot of amazing opportunities.

The Concierge Nurses

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