The Profitable Idea Blueprint for Nurses

How to Generate, Leverage and Pick Business ideas to Quickly (And Cheaply) Launch and Grow A Nurse Business.

T​his program was ​designed to help you:

  • Articulate your vision
  • Generate business Ideas
  • Make strategic choices about a potential business
  • Set into action a plan to get started
  • Turn your business dream into a reality

Find An Idea To Start Your Nurse Business

This is an online course designed to help nurses find a profitable and meaningful business that you can easily start with the knowledge and skills you already have.  You don't need advanced degrees, business skills or even the idea yet.

The fastest ​ way to generate business ideas

​This course was written just for you, especially if you have been held back by a lack of ideas of what type of business you could start or how to monetize those ideas.

Nothing is worse than meeting the person you wanted to become.  You see other nurses who move on and build their ideas into a successful business or move up the career ladder.

Maybe that nurse was lucky, or maybe she is just the type of person who is meant to be successful?

After hearing from hundreds of nurses who want to start a business, but don't know what they can do, I knew I could help.  I discovered that most aspiring NursePrenerus struggle with one of these 3 core issues:

"What can I do as a nurse other than go back to school?  I don't want to start an NP clinic."

​"I see lots of problems all day long, but I don't get how you make money off them and the ones I could do are already taken."

​"I've had lots of ideas come and go.  I just never knew what to do with them."

You're about to learn exactly how to find lots of ideas right in front of you that are incredibly powerful, pressing and in desperate need of your solution - 

your access to compelling issues as a nurse, gives you an unfair market advantage that you don't even realize!

What You'll Get

Profitable Idea Blueprint for Nurses walks you through exactly what you need to understand to find tons of ideas that you could use to start a meaningful, and profitable nursing business.  

Most people start in business by providing a solution first.  This is definitely NOT the way to go.  In fact, it's completely backwards to start with a product or service first, and it's the number 1 reason most businesses fail in their first year.  Why?  Find out inside!

You will start with a topical area and then search for concrete proof for your idea.

This program was built to help you:

  • Articulate your vision
  • Make strategic choices about a potential business
  • Set into action a plan to get started
  • Turn your business dream into a reality

Bonuses Included

Bonus 01

Case studies on Nursing Businesses 

This invaluable resource is yours free when you sign up for The Profitable Idea Blueprint for Nurses. The case studies address specific issues in starting a business, not just the idea, but the mindset issues that can detail your business. You’ll see where theses students get stuck and how obvious it is what they need to do next. 


Bonus 0​2

​Companion Workbook

​Do you like to stay organized and on track- of course you do! You’re a nurse. That’s why you’ll love this workbook I’ve created for you. It contains action items from each lesson in the program, so you know exactly what to do.


Bonus 0​3

100 nurse businesses you can model 

I provide you of a list of real businesses that are run by nurses that you can look up, and model what they are doing.  After all, competition is an inspiration, not a threat.  Find out what's working and what's not by investigating other businesses.  This list makes it simple to just surf the Internet and get tons of ideas!


How It Works

The Profitable Idea Blueprint for Nurses is a self-paced online course.  You can complete the course in one day, one weekend or one month - whatever works best for you.  After you enroll, you'll have complete access to all the lessons, which you can access from your laptop or mobile device.

There are two very specific goals that I want to focus on when you take this course:

  • Finding an idea that matches your skillset and knowledge base that can be monetized into a meaningful and profitable business
  • Getting you to stop trying to figure it out and get you to take strategic action to achieve frequent milestones.

Catie Harris

Why I Created This Course

For years, I've had tons of great ideas that I talked about. And talked and talked.  But I never did anything with them.  I knew if I could just figure stuff out then my ideas would naturally blossom into amazing businesses.  

But after years of watching my ideas come and go, I realized that pretending to figure things out was my way of avoiding my fear of getting started, my doubts that my ideas could be any good and my fear of failing at something.  Year after year passed and I was still doing the same thing, and still talking about what I could do.

But coming up with ideas and knowing if they were worth pursuing was much easier than I anticipated.  My main problem was I just didn't understand what could be monetized or how.  I felt overwhelmed and clueless about the next step so I would just shut down (and resolve to myself to figure it out later).

It was a long tough road to get where I am today, which is why I am committed to helping other nurses take a massive short-cut.  It's important to me to get more nurses into business, because I truly believe we have an amazing opportunity to make massive changes in the healthcare system.  And all we need are brave nurses to aspire to be NursePreneurs.


How much time do I need?

This is a self-paced course. You can get it all done in one if you want, but only you can determine how much time and effort you want too put into doing the exercises and absorbing the material.

How long can I access the course?

Indefinitely! You will have lifetime access to the course and any updates that are done to the course in the future.

Can I get feedback?

Yes! This is my specialty. I love working with my students and helping them find ideas. When you have completed your decision-making matrix, send it to me for a review.