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Sat Dec 14, 2019

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"Coaching Intensives are the Fastest Way for Nurses to Create, Build and Scale A Business... and Get In Front Of Clients than Ever!"

Have you ever wanted to start a business, but you don't know where to start, or how to organize what to do first? 

  • Maybe you put a business together but you don't know how to market or get in front of your ideal clients.  

  • Online marketers make everything look so fast and easy, but the truth is, it's a tough, lonely road that few survive.  

The key to success is having a clear vision of what you want and step by step instructions on how to get there.

In my experience, my business finally started taking off when I reached out to mentors and asked for help.  

Not only did my success get fast tracked, but I was introduced to people I would never have met otherwise. 

Pool party with John Lee Dumas at his house in Puerto Rico

Here I am at John Lee Dumas' house in Puerto Rico at a pool party.  JLD runs the multi-million dollar podcast Entrepreneur On Fire.

Catie Harris NursePreneur and Selena Soo at John Lee Dumas Pool party

Selena Soo, from Impacting Millions and I are chatting about what's next in our business.  

They say you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most in your life.  Is your network increasing your NET WORTH?

I believe that building relationships, your network and your audience are THE most vital aspects of your business.  Think about it, without one of these components, you won't get far.  And maybe you've already experienced that.

  • My coaching intensives are designed to connect you with other NursePreneurs in your area so you can grow together.  

  • I bring in successful students of mine who live in your area to help me run the coaching intensives and to be a resource for you.  

  • You will meet a total of 6 nurses who are interested in starting or have already begun the process of starting a business in your city.

During our coaching intensive we spend time focused just on YOU and what you need to do to move forward.

It's like condensing 6 months of scavenging the Internet for free information and catapulting you to new heights in a single day, preventing you from going down rabbit holes and wasting valuable time and money.

In coaching intensives, I have literally seen an entire business get launched; we have moved nurses from thinking about what to do - to taking action.

Watch the video to see what a coaching intensive can do for you.

    The San Francisco      Coaching Intensive

When:  Saturday Dec 14, 2019

Downtown San Francisco in a posh location

This is for nurses who are looking for intensive coaching, to build their network and want to spend the next 6 months making money, not scrambling to find free information off the Internet 

Here's what is included:

1. 1:1 call with Catie, founder of NursePreneurs, prior to the event to gauge where you are in your business and help you discover the ONE thing you want to work on during the intensive coaching sessions.

2. All day hot seats and laser coaching for a max of 6 nurses.  You will receive feedback, an action plan on next steps and we will focus on branding photography, videography and interviews for you.

3. After the intensive Catie will work with just your small group for 4 weeks to make sure you keep up the momentum and implement your action plan.

Other Great Stuff...

  • Lunch is included to keep you energized
  • Come dressed to impress because we will take photos in our gorgeous location for endless social media posts
  • Learn about how your grow your marketing funnel for YOUR specific business
  • Action steps for the next couple weeks to keep you on track
  • End the day with a champagne toast and new NursePreneur friends who live in YOUR city
  • Start a NursePreneurs chapter in your city to continue growing your network and building your relationships with the support and mentorship of the NursePreneurs team

Let's Recap

--> 1:1 Call with Catie for 60 minutes prior to the event to gain clarity and focus on what your business needs to get started and grow the right way, the first time (value $499)

--> Hot seat laser coaching during 1 day intensive to nail down and overcome where you need to focus your attention (value $999)

-->  Receive feedback and and action plan to move forward (value $499)

--> Get an accountability partner in your city who you can work with and help each other to stay focused (value $499)

--> Branding photography for endless social media posts (value $1000)

--> Get a recording of your hot seat so you can concentrate on your business and listening to the feedback in the moment

--> Lunch

--> 4 weeks coaching post event with Catie and your small group of NursePreneurs to make sure you implement (value $999)

--> Create a NursePreneurs chapter in your city to grow your network, build relationships and expand your potential business partners

--> As founding members of your city chapter, receive continued mentoring from Catie on marketing your business as long as you are part of the chapter

Your Investment is $2000 $1250

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