3 Steps To  Transform Your Nursing Expertise Into A Profitable Business

Dr. Catie Harris, NursePreneur

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You've been thinking about starting a business for a while.  Maybe you even started a business, but you're not getting the results you thought you would.

The problem is you are good at so many things but sales and marketing aren't coming naturally to you. 

As the years go by, you realize you aren't living your life's purpose and you aren't passionate about what you are doing.  You are looking for an out, but what can pay as much as nursing does that you can do?  

You are compromising your life's purpose and you are withholding your significant contribution to world by waiting for the right moment to come.  

But it's not your fault.  As nurses we were never taught to market our knowledge or expertise...

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The NursePreneur Mastermind is an epic 6-month experience that will launch you from idea to business, no matter where you are in the process.

  • Brainstorm your ideas
  • Launch your ideas into a business system
  • Write your book
  • Create a process to convert prospects into customers
  • Design a marketing strategy that actually drives clients to you
  • Land media attention

NursePreneur Mastermind

6 Month Experience Designed To Meet You Where You Are In Your Business.

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...And The Good News Is
You Can NOW Jump Start Your Business in 
 3-Simple Steps

In 3 Simple Steps ANY nurse with a passion and a dream can

create a profitable business.


Define what it is that you are meant to do by finding your passion and purpose in life.


Design a system to present your offering so you are taken seriously immediately.


Deliver your message with authority and leverage your assets to get consistent clients.


  • Being able to decide when you are going to work and where you are going to do your work

  • Working on something that has meaning and purpose for you

  • Choosing to work with people who YOU want to work with and feeling like you are making an impact

  • Reducing the number of jobs you have or overtime shifts you agree to taking

  • Having the freedom and flexibility you crave in your life to spend with your family and friends.

Catie has taken my ideas and transformed them into a business, in a way I could never have imagined.”

~Lori Kerley, DNP Coach

Define the problem then Set up your business

The first step is to define the problem of your audience.  Don't waste time and money creating a business that no one is interested in.  The best way to find business ideas is to know what your passion is, talk to your audience and define the problem.  THEN, we can set up your business.

Even if you have already started a business, you need to return to this step.  Nothing will explode your business more powerfully than truly connecting and understanding your audience and what they want.

Design Your solution and Brand your message

Once you know what problem you are going to solve, then you can create a solution.  The way you present your solution is your brand.  Do NOT set up websites and sales campaigns until you know what you are solving! Seems obvious right?  

But lots of people mix this order up.  You can't have a website and business cards without a business.  And a business is simply a solution to a problem.

Your website needs to be a marketing website, one that is specifically designed to speak to your audience and establish your brand.

Deliver the results By establishing your authority

Your business is only as good as the outcomes it produces.  You not only need a solution, but it needs to work and you need to show that it works. By showing your results, you establish your authority easily and without spending money on expensive advertising.  You create a word of mouth buzz that can be amplified using the tools of seduction.

Every nurse needs to establish authority and credibility and it's easier to do than you may think.  You just need to find the courage to be visible and be ready to be heard.

Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, RN

I'm a Forbes Coach, Serial NursePreneur & Founder of the NursePreneur Mastermind.

I'm also the author of the wildly popular planning book - Get It Done Series, as well as NursePreneurs, Nurse2NursePreneur, 100 Days of Action and so many more...

As a single mom, I just wanted to have a life for my son and I to pursue our dreams and not compromise our passion.  I have spent the last 15 years in business and over $150,000 in trainings and mentors to empower nurses to start their own businesses and live their lives by design.

I own multiple businesses and have helped hundreds of nurses to find their passion and start their own profitable businesses.

Now I work when I want, from where I want.  I've been to over 100 countries while growing my business and sharing experiences with my son.

Most Importantly, I have created a system for achieving

what I want most, and now I want to apply it to your business

and your most heartfelt goals.

What Others Say


I needed to get out of the hospital system.  I called Catie to see if she could help me.  Now I can't sleep at night because I'm so excited about my business and how it's growing.

Aimee Walsh, MSN 

Concierge Nurse Services


Catie saw things in me I didn't see in myself.  She often says dreams come true when you have one - and she's right. Now I'm living an exciting new life as a nurse abroad with my daughter.

Lori Peters, MSN


I saw other nurses starting businesses just like I wanted to do.  Catie helped me to jump start my new business with IV Hydration.  This never would have opened if it weren't for her 1:1 guidance.

Erin Klansek, RN
IV Hydration

Introducing... The NursePreneur Mastermind

A 6-Month, Interactive Business Program Designed To Create A Profitable Nursing Business For Any Nurse Who Implements.

The NursePreneur Mastermind – is everything you need to build your idea into a business - is comprised of 3 distinct courses that are designed to help you reach success in major milestones.  

  1. Nurse Business Starter Program
  2. Nurse Brand
  3. Get Clients

Together these courses make up the NursePreneur Business Academy, but with the small group mentoring and step by step guidance, this IS the Mastermind.

Plus – A 1-year mentorship in small groups for 12 months in the Private Facebook Group

Let Me Break It Down For You

This is the course that takes nurses from no ideas to defining or redefining a complete business.

  • Define your passion and purpose
  • Find your tribe
  • Create a compelling offer that has your audience begging you to let them buy what you are offering
  • Research your competititon
  • Craft your message 2 market match
  • Set up the legal entity of your business

Learn EXACTLY how to design a powerful brand that defines what you stand for and how you want to be perceived.

  • Package, price and position your offering
  • Design your brand
  • Establish how you want to be perceived, received and conceived
  • Engage your audience in an authentic way
  • Establish yourself with Instant Authority by writing your book, creating your commercial and presenting in an unforgettable way.

Find out the skillset to be effective at sales & marketing so you can deliver your gift to the world.

  • Learn the art of the selling sequence
  • Sell without selling using empathy marketing
  • Deliver your message in your crafted presentation that people can't resist listening 
  • Develop heart-felt email marketing funnels and automations to facilitate the selling sequence

I don't want you to become overwhelmed, so you MUST complete each course before moving onto the next one.  

You move at the speed of your consumption and you are only in competition with yourself.

Here's A Sneak Peek At A Few Of Our Best Classes
& What You'll Be Doing

Clearly communicate with your 

dream clients

Boost your 

nursePreneur Mindset

Create 12 Month Content Plan That Crushes Writers Block

Tools and tech for 

creating video

Winning Sales Strategies 

For Consistent Clients

Plan and write your

 book from within

Your 12 Month 

Make It Happen Map

 Convert Prospective 

Leads Into Clients

Taxes For The SoloPreneur

With eric levenhagen, cPA

Systems For Closing Sales

For Business

Create A Powerful Brand

For Your Business

 Design the perfect website

to attract ideal clients

networking with Laurie benson

nurse entrepreneur

protecting your business with proper legal systems & templates

Land Your Perfect Media Feature

& Be Ready

 Create Your Email Funnel To Market & Develop Know, Like And Trust

NursePreneurs Is Built For Nurses With Real,
Busy Lives (
And Families, And That 2nd & 3rd job...)

What you can expect from this program

  • Finally get clear on your passion and purpose in business
  • Discover who your ideal client is and the exact package they are already looking for (that you can deliver)
  • Learn how to confidently answer the question - "What do you do?"
  • Create your own System based on the exact process I have used to start multiple businesses and earn a high 6-figure yearly income
  • Learn how to craft a powerful brand that positions you as the only logical choice in your niche
  • Set up your business that is consistent with the way you want to work - the hours, location and your desired income
  • Become the leading authority in your niche 
  • Reframe your fear of "sleazy sales" to something that provides immense value and learn the "no sales" close.
  • Learn how to use social media in a way that effectively converts prospects into customers
  • Grow your confidence by empowering yourself with knowledge and working with other nurses just like you
  • Confidently reframe your fear of sales to something you enjoy!

A Special Message From Catie...

What's The Investment?

Mastermind Bonuses
Incredible Value!

Bonus #1 - Legal Contracts ($3000)

Legal contracts you can use with clients including coaching, consulting, non-compete, non-disclosure agreements.  Plus Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Earnings Disclaimer for your website.

Bonus #2 - (3)1:1 Consults (Value $3500)

Complete each course and get a 1:1 consult with Catie to discuss your business strategy and blueprint for what is to come next for you.  That's 3 consults in total.

Bonus #3 - Live Event ($3500)

In Philadelphi- 2 Day Live Event to work on your branding, testimonials, photos, presentation, websites and content.  There will be several dates throughout the year. Future dates TBA.

Bonus #4 - Your book ($3000)

Your book is one of the most credible and authoritative elements you have. And it might take you a little while to write it.  In the meantime, Catie wrote a book for you.  Just place your name on it and DONE. Instant Authority.

Bonus #5 - Impact Factor ($1497)

Your book and sizzle reel are vital but there are other ways to gain authority and free advertising.  Get instant authority with media.  Access to the Impact Factor - a course that guarantees media exposure - is included.

Bonus #6 - podcast interview ($500)

Get on your first podcast with Catie talking about what you do on the NursePreneur Podcast.  With over 50,000 social media connections in healthcare, you will be on a massive stage on Catie's podcast.

Bonus #7 - TV interview ($1500)

Guaranteed TV exposure is a mega bonus here.  This may be provided during the LIVE event, so you can be present in Philadelphia to claim this incredible bonus or we'll do it over Skype.  

Bonus #8 - Facebook accountability ($1000)

Get paired up with an accountability partner in the Facebook group to ensure you stay on track.  This is a family community of support and encouragement.

Total Bonus Value: $10,000+

  • Legal Contracts
  • (3) 1:1 Consults delivered after the completion of each segment of program
  • Live Event in Philadelphia
  • Your Instant Authority Book
  • Access To Media Course
  • Podcast Interview with Catie on the NursePreneur Podcast
  • TV Interview with Catie
  • Plus much, much more to announce...

But wait – before we continue.


  • Being SUCCESSFUL in 6 months
  • Getting coached on live calls weekly
  • An in-person event in Philadelphia 
  • Having top ranked entrepreneur guest lecturers
  • An endless treasure chest of resources and personalized feedback
  • And direct support from myself and the community

...feel like a lot?

NursePreneurs is not a “one size fits all” experience.

Live accountability is built right in because I know everyone’s different, and everyone struggles. 

Every NursePreneur has moments of procrastination, overwhelm, and “falling off the wagon”.

I get it, and we’re ALL here to support you through that.

Everything is recorded for you to access anytime, or download to your computer or mobile device. 

You are more than welcome to pop onto a live call, get the coaching you need, and then hop off.

(But our calls are soooo good we know you’ll try to stick around.)

I will get to know you and your business inside and out, so we can help you take the right steps at the right time.

It takes a (virtual) village to 

bring your deepest desires and boldest

goals to life.


I'm SO glad to see you here!  Look, I'll be real with you. 

Yes, mentoring is more expensive, but honestly, it's worth it!  The power of "you're on the right track" will keep you moving forward and prevent you from shutting down or feeling overwhelmed.

Applications for the NursePreneur Mastermind are open for a limited number of students.  

I want to keep these groups small and intimate.  My ultimate goal is your success and I will pull out all the stops to make sure your dream comes true.  You just have to want it.  You have to be able to dream about it and envision it. Then we can take you there.

The 6 month Mastermind is THE place for you to go from zero clients and inconsistent cash-flow to making your first $1k to your first $100k depending on the goals you set for yourself. 

The investment for the Mastermind is $1,997 USD in full

or 6 payments of $399 USD each.

And to become a part of the NursePreneur Mastermind, you need to complete the following action steps:

1. Click the "Apply Now" button
2. You will be automatically redirected to checkout page where you will be asked for your credit card information
3. Once you've registered, you will receive access to the course board as well as a welcome email with the first steps you need to take.  If you don't receive this initial welcome email, please let us know by sending an email to: support@catieharris.com

Power is always in a decision. You have that power in you right now to decide to start on your path to success.

If you KNOW that NOW is your time to start - if you KNOW you have a message inside that MUST get out to the world - and you KNOW you need premium support to get yourself there - then put yourself in the arena and apply without hesitation!!

I can't wait to support you in the NursePreneur Mastermind with nurses just like you.

AND Just in case you're on the fence...

here's Your Triple Lock Guarantee


Standard 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

If for any reason you do not want to continue in this course within 30 days of your receipt, simply send an email to cancel and your entire investment will be refunded.  



If you implement and don't earn your money back within 1 year, I will refund your money and pay you $500.  

What's the catch??

The catch is - You have to implement.  

If you implement, then I have nothing to worry about, you'll succeed.  

If you don't implement, I can't take responsibility for the outcome.

What needs to be implemented?  You need to...

1. Set up a legal entity business.

2. Set up a website with an offering.

3. Create a funnel for your book.

4. Share your sizzle reel on social media and your website.

5. Complete a webinar or presentation in the format that is provided to you.

Seem like a lot?  It's not at all.  These are the basic elements of being successful and
I'm going to teach you how to do them every step of the way.  

Come to one or both of the LIVE events and get them done all at once.

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