Welcome To The Ultimate Mastermind For Nurses By Nurses To Help You Monetize Your Expertise.


Define, Design, & Deliver Your Offer

Get guidance from a mentor in the nursing industry who gets you, your dreams, and your zone of genius.

Catie Harris - Nursepreneurs Mastermind

You started your career as a nurse because you want to help people — and you make decent money doing it. Now, though you’re starting to dread the stress of working in the hospital, and your overtime shifts are no longer extra money - it's essential money! But it's burning you out and draining your passion for nursing.

Maybe you've even tried selling stuff on the side or started a business with your nursing skills and had some initial success, but it’s not going as well as you hoped.

Or, you’d really like to use your expertise to create a profitable business but get overwhelmed by all the possible choices.

And you’re intimidated by having to “sell” yourself and figure out the marketing side of being an entrepreneur.

You’re determined to find a better work-life balance so you can watch your kid’s soccer games and go on travel adventures, making more money than before and helping even more people.

For all the times you’ve thought, “There has to be a better way,” you were right. You just found it.

It’s time
for you to:

Choose your own hours and spend more time with your family...while making a consistent income

Start hustling for YOUR business and stop dabbling in sales side gigs and MLM

Learn about the most effective sales and marketing methods from an experienced mentor and avoid costly mistakes

Supplement your good nursing salary or replace overtime shifts with a business that helps you work smarter, not harder

Get the right business answers to your specific questions instead of cobbling ideas together

Reach your potential as a nurse by sharing powerful information that can transform lives and revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered

Form relationships with other NursePreneurs to support each other and share resources

Your future as a successful NursePreneur with a profitable business awaits you!

Take it from Lori Kerley, a veteran of the NursePreneur Mastermind who recouped her investment in just a few months of joining this group and was able to drop one of her nursing jobs and focus on her new revenue stream.

Lori Kerley - Nursepreneur Mastermind Testimonial

“Catie saw things in me I didn’t see in myself. She often says dreams come true when you have one—and she’s right. Now I’ve recently given up my night shift job and I am able to focus more time on building my business because I have more clients coming in!”

Lori Kerley, DNP

Nurse Earning Money In Business With Student Inquiry

Turn Your Passion for Nursing Into a Profitable Business

You’ve got the nursing expertise that someone is looking for right now.

They can’t find your ideas because you’re only helping one patient at a time, but you could be helping more people in a bigger way and get rewarded for it financially, professionally and personally.

Your ideas and expertise can change the way healthcare is delivered.  And it can't be done working your butt off in the hospital.  You have to step outside of that box.  We can show you how to monetize your passion and your strengths to really serve others in a meaningful way.  We have a plan to get you where you want to go.

Our proven business-building method and done-with-you partnership will help you start the right business and sell without selling

It all started with a business coaching program gone wrong…

I’m Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, RN,

a nurse business mentor, online educator, and author from Philadelphia, PA.

I’ve spent over $150,000 in coaching and business education programs for 20 years trying to find a better way to use my nursing expertise...especially when I had my son and wanted to support him, plus get to spend more time with him instead of working long shifts and multiple jobs.

I started and failed at several businesses because I insisted on doing everything myself and my way. I did paid ads without understanding digital marketing and took courses that made big promises to fast track my results with their big secret. And I was failing.

Then, I looked around and found mentors in the marketing, branding, and copy writing space, and with that personal attention and specialized knowledge, I got the validation and push I needed to realize that I’d always had the answer to how I could turn my nursing and business expertise into a profitable business.

Catie Harris - Nursepreneurs Mastermind

I didn’t need another marketing class. I needed a business expert who understood the expert niches of nursing. I needed NursePreneurs, and so did other nurses who were struggling to create businesses based on their unique skillsets.

That’s when my first successful business was born. Now I own multiple businesses and have been to over 100 countries showing the world to my son and enjoying life while my expertise makes money for me. This proven system has helped hundreds of nurses just like you to leverage their nursing knowledge into marketable products and services.

You might have seen my wildly popular Get It Done series (2018), NursePreneurs (2016), Nurse2NursePreneur, The Nurse Practitioner Survival Guide for New Grads (2018), and 100 Days of Action (2018). I’ve been interviewed on many international TV shows, featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Huffington Post and various podcasts. I am also on the Forbes Council of Coaches.

I’m here to tell you that I’m not a unicorn. Like myself, you have within you everything you need to bring your insights to a wider audience that will be happy to pay you for your help.

You don’t need an MBA, health coaching certificate or advanced nursing degrees to start your profitable business.  Welcome LPNs, ADNs, BSNs, MSNs, PhD, DNP!

You just need help to Design, Define, and Deliver your big idea and a community of like-minded nurses to support you and hold you accountable.


Define your dream by discovering your passion and purpose to unlock your potential.


Design your solution by creating a system to monetize your genius your clients want to buy.


Deliver your results with strong copy and an authority platform to sell without selling.

Start With Marketing Your Own Idea

Many nurses think that it's easier to start a business by buying into a multi-level marketing (MLM) group.  But really you are still just working for someone else and getting paid a fraction of what you sell. When you market your own unique idea, you have a competitive advantage (your most important marketing tool), you love what you do and you keep 100% of the profits.  

The truth is it's easier to sell your own idea than MLM.  Putting the business idea together is actually the easy part.  Your business lives and dies by marketing, Period.  And the #1 rule of marketing - show how you are different and unique from your competition, that's how you stand out.  What is your competitive advantage?

With MLM they give you a business idea, but it's like selling tomatoes at a farmer's market, where everyone is selling the same exact thing.  If you are selling an MLM product, there is nothing different about you and 100,000+ other people. This is why 98% of MLM sales people make less than $500 a month despite hours and hours of effort.  So why wouldn't you take a little extra time to put your own business together that is meaningful to you and impactful to people you care about?

Fear of the unknown?  A lack of self-confidence that you have anything worth offering? You don't know how to get started? No support?  It's too hard or expensive? (hint...it's easier, cheaper and more rewarding to start your own business than paying to join an MLM!).  Sometimes you just need a guide to show you the way...

NursePreneur Student opinion
NursePreneur Student Opinion
NursePreneur Student opinion

Consistent lead generation tools, smart marketing strategies, PR plans that get you noticed, business plans, contract templates and help from other nurses await you inside the NursePreneur Mastermind.

There are only 10 Mastermind seats available. Once they’re filled, you’ll have to join a waitlist.

Here's what you get!


The Entire NursePreneur Mastermind Collection of Programs to teach you everything you need to know to turn your expertise into a profitable business

The Unheard of Triple Lock Guarantee to make this deal a no-brainer

Accountability Partners who support each other on the journey

Small Group interaction for collaborations, networking, and strategic partnerships 

Hotseats in Group Coaching for specialized attention from Catie

Laser Coaching to dig deep into what matters to you

Recordings of every session so you can watch them again or catch up of you miss a session

Strategic Exercises to help you work ahead and and stay unstuck

Clarity and a Mindset Upgrade to believe that you can achieve your dreams

LIFETIME access to the NursePreneur Mastermind Collection (including new programs in the future!)

1:1 Support Calls with Catie

Bonuses Worth OVER $10,000+ now!

Is this for me?

Maybe so, but maybe not. This intimate community and the processes we teach are created with your success in mind...if you’re a good fit. Take a look at the list below, and be honest with yourself.

The NursePreneur Mastermind is for you if you want to:

Run your business ideas by a mentor and get group feedback

Evaluate your diverse skills and education and hone in on one niche

Look deep into yourself to find what lights you up the most

Take your spark of joy and turn it into a business concept

Identify your ideal clients, pinpoint exactly what will catch their attention, and understand which offers they will accept without even thinking

Implement a solid marketing strategy to generate and nurture clients

Plan, start, and finish your book to build your authority platform

Get noticed by influencers and the media

Travel more and spend more time with your family

Strategically build your business over time and don’t expect a huge cash injection immediately

Increase your results in the business you already started

If you know that this mastermind is a “Heck Yes!,"

We might not be the right fit,
or the timing might not be right if you:

Think you know enough about marketing, sales, PR, and writing books to build a business on your own

Aren’t open to constructive criticism

Tend to blame others when things don’t go your way

Must make a lot of money fast because you've been laid off, a family emergency, or some other situation where you need cash fast.

Fear investing in yourself now because of other obligations

Aren’t interested in supporting other nurses in the mastermind

Don’t have 5-10 hours a week to spend on your business plan and strategy

The NursePreneur Mastermind is only for serious nurses who are willing to put in the necessary time and are ready to learn and grow your business alongside others doing the same thing. It’s perfectly okay if you realize this is not where you belong right now. You might want to check out the Free Facebook Group Business + Marketing for NursePreneurs so you will be in a better position to join in the future.

Real Nurses, Real Results

Clients rave about how our hands-on approach helps them define, design, and deliver their expertise as a profitable business.

We are in the trenches together as we help our NursePreneurs always see what’s coming up next to plan their big moves and stay on track for their goals.

At NursePreneurs, we practice what we preach and lead by example. There is no fluff, theory or recommendations that we don't use ourselves in our own businesses.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Find out what nurses just like you are saying about working with Catie. The best way to evaluate these testimonials is to look for nurses who built businesses and got the results you’re dreaming of, and find examples of people who overcame the same kinds of struggles you’re facing now.

Erin Kansek - Nursepreneur Mastermind Testimonial

“I saw other nurses starting business just like I wanted to do. Catie helped me to jumpstart my new business with IV hydration. This never would have opened if it weren’t for her guidance and laser coaching.”

Erin Kansek, RN
RevIVe Cafe IV Hydration

Aimee Walsh - Nursepreneur Mastermind Testimonial

“I needed to be out of the hospital system. I called Catie to see if she could help me. Not only did she help me leave shift work, but she opened me up to a possibility I wasn't even considering - My own business.  Now I can’t sleep at night because I’m so excited about my business and how it’s growing.”

Aimee Walsh, MSN
Concierge Nurse Services

Countless other nurses have gotten solid on their business ideas and brought them into reality with Catie’s help, and you could be next.

Want to see the next chapter in your story as a NursePreneur as another happy testimonial on this list?

You’re a smart, successful nurse and you don’t want to waste your time or money on a program that’s not going to give you practical help to make real changes.

The NursePreneur Mastermind is like getting an MBA in creating a profitable business with your expertise, plus having one-on-one help as you do the work.

We unlock the vault and teach you our proprietary three phases of business development that are each designed for you to achieve specific milestones on your pathway to building your business. 

You get LIFETIME access to this signature collection:
• NursePreneur: Define Your Expertise
• NursePreneur: Design Your Brand
• NursePreneur: Deliver to Your Dream Clients

You’re also getting 12 months of access to the Private Facebook Group for the NursePreneur Mastermind to stay in touch, get help, and give support to your peers.

The Mastermind is a mix of completing the lessons on your own and connecting with the community for live coaching sessions and small group mentoring. Let’s dive into what information gems are in each course.

Define Your Expertise

This is the DEFINE phase of the Mastermind to go from no idea or possibility overload to a clear picture of what business you’re starting or re-starting.

A lot of nurses make mistakes early on in their businesses because they’re trying to create everything from scratch and taking hours longer to do things that should take 10 minutes. Sound familiar?

This course will help you overcome “shiny object syndrome” and focus on one plan that you can achieve.

When you finish the Define phase of your business, you will have:

• A well-defined passion and purpose you can’t stop talking about

• A clear audience that wants to hear about your expertise

• A compelling offer your audience will beg you for

• Overcome your limiting beliefs and developed a positive NursePreneur mindset

• A clear understanding of what makes you stand out in your industry

• A well-crafted marketing message to to attract your dream clients

• A legal entity created for your business (so you can make money!)

• A plan to avoid being surprised when tax season comes

As you cover the material, you will participate in group coaching calls and 1:1 time with Catie to get your questions answered and discuss the ideas so you understand how to make them work for your business.

Design Your Brand

This is the DESIGN phase to build your brand, so you show up in the world powerfully and with purpose. It’s easy to go wrong with branding and end up with copy that’s too harsh, images that aren’t appealing to your best clients, or an overly complex message.

With NursePreneur: Design Your Brand, it’ll be easy to build your new brand.

When you complete Design phase for Nurses, you’ll have a:

• Package that’s priced and positioned to get a “yes” from your best clients

• Brand strategy to implement consistently across all channels

• Beautiful website that attracts your dream clients

• Sense of how you want to be seen, understood and interacted with

• Authentic way to engage with your audience

• Authority platform plan to build credibility

• Plan to banish writer’s block and write your book from your heart

• Practical technology crash course to make creating videos a breeze

• Unforgettable commercial you can present with confidence

It can be intimidating to create your website or start writing your book, but you won’t be doing it alone. You can always chime in at the Private Facebook Group to share your struggles and ask for help, and you’ll be discussing all the information in your group and 1:1 calls.

Deliver to Your Dream Clients

This is the DELIVER phase which will help you become effective at
sales and marketing to deliver your gift to the world. 

On your own, it can be daunting to navigate launch sequence strategies and create memorable content for your audience — but if you don’t do this step well, you could be left on the sidelines and invisible to the people who need you the most.

With Deliver to Your Dream Clients, you’ll craft your powerful message and sell without selling.

The Deliver phase will bring you to the authority status you deserve by giving you:

• A selling sequence you’ll have down to an art form

• A Heart-centered selling strategy based on empathy (that’s not slimy)

• An irresistible presentation crafted to have your audience begging you to pitch the offer

• An email marketing funnel that’s so full of care your audience will love to hear from you

• Automation platforms to put your awesome launch on rinse and repeat

• A sales-closing conversation style that feels natural and empathetic

• A press kit to land your dream media features

• A plan to be camera-ready and bring the “wow” factor to every interview

Every step of the way, you will have Catie and your NursePreneur peers cheering you on and helping you stay accountable to your plan. You will help each other troubleshoot questions as you share your journey of putting your know, like, and trust factor into the world.

Taking an online course alongside the course creator is an amazing, crazy good opportunity.

We’ve looked around, and there’s nowhere else you will get this level of practical, actionable, specialized attention to turn your nursing expertise into a profitable business.

You could spend years and thousands of dollars learning each piece of the NursePreneur puzzle yourself.

OR, you can join the NursePreneur Mastermind and get all the right answers in one place, along with done-with-you help and a supportive community to grow with as you make you first $1K or break the ceiling on six figures.

In just six months, you will go from an unknown expert with knowledge to share but no audience, to an authority with a solid plan to monetize your expertise.

You get to decide if you want to keep working extra shifts and juggling several jobs or spend more time with your family and travel when you want to.

30-day money back guarantee badge

You have nothing to
lose with our 30-DAY,
100% Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you do not wish to continue in this mastermind within 30 days of your receipt, simply send us an email to cancel, and your entire investment will be refunded.

We are so confident that you'll achieve tremendous results, that if after 1-year of implementing the strategies taught in the mastermind you don’t find success, we'll give you your money back + $500. See our terms and conditions for the nitty gritty.

So, what's the catch?

The catch is you.
You have to implement.

If you implement, we both win, because you’ll succeed and we can promote you. If you don’t implement, we can’t take responsibility for the outcome.

Here are the 5 essential steps to implement for the 1-Year Money Back Guarantee + $500:

Set up a legal entity business

Set up a website with an offering

Create a funnel for your book

Share your sizzle reel on social media and your website

Complete a webinar or presentation in the format that is provided to you

These are the basic elements of being successful, and I'm going to teach you how to do them every step of the way.

Check out your
NursePreneur Mastermind BONUSES

Total Bonus Value: $10,000+

  • Legal Contracts Done For You
  • (3) 1:1 Consults Delivered After Each Segment Of Program
  • Live Events That Are Held Several Times A Year - Nationally And Internationally
  • Your Instant Authority Book Done For You
  • Be A Guest On The Top Rated NursePreneur Podcast
  • And we add more high value goodies all the time!


($3000 value)


We know how tough it is to start a business and try to find the right templates for your legal contracts. Hiring your own lawyer is costly and time-consuming, so we make it easy for you.

You’ll be able to download a zip file of Legal Contracts Done For You that you can use with clients. This package includes: coaching, consulting, non-compete, and non-disclosure agreements. 

Plus, you’ll get a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Earnings Disclaimer for your website.


($3500 value)


It means everything to us for you to understand and apply all the course material to your profitable business. So, we offer extra help to make sure you cross your finish line.

Complete each course and get a 1:1 consult with Catie to discuss your business strategy and blueprint for what comes next. That's THREE private coaching sessions in addition to your Mastermind sessions.


($3000 value)


Your book is one of the most credible and authoritative megaphones you can have for your business. And it might take you a little while to write it. In the meantime, we wrote a book for you.

Yes, you read that correctly. We wrote a book for you that you can claim authorship to. You’re welcome! Just place your name on it and BOOM. Instant Authority.


($500 value)


Be a podcast guest! The first interview is the hardest when you don’t know what to expect, but you’ll be in excellent hands with Catie when she interviews you about your new business on her podcast.

You’ll get to talk about what you do on an international stage with the NursePreneur Podcast. That means reaching over 50,000 social media connections in healthcare!

NursePreneur Mastermind VIP

You're A VIP! Join Catie For  LIVE In-Person Retreats!

Meet your NursePreneur friends in person and learn together from Catie LIVE at one of her 1 or 2-day events where we will work on your branding, testimonials, photos, presentation, websites, and content.

Dates and times
will be shared after you apply!

How does the application work?

Consider the application a fail-proof process so you only join if it’s going to be a good fit for you. We know you work hard for your money and we know this mastermind isn’t for everyone. 

You don’t need to have a business idea or have already started to qualify, but it will improve your time spent with us.  We offer a couple options for nurses who are a little unsure about this investment or if their ideas can be monetized.

Here’s how the quick, easy application works:

Click the "Apply Now" button, complete the application, and schedule your an interview! Filling out the application does not mean you’re obligated to join. It just means you’re raising your hand for us to help you make the best decision for you and your future business.


The Entire NursePreneur Mastermind Collection of Programs to teach you everything you need to know to turn your expertise into a profitable business

The Unheard of Triple Lock Guarantee to make this deal a no-brainer

Accountability Partners who support each other on the journey

Recordings of every session so you can watch it again or catch up if you miss a session

Small Group interaction for collaborations, networking, and strategic partnerships

Hotseats in Group Coaching for specialized attention from Catie

Laser Coaching to dig deep into what matters to you

Strategic Exercises to be looking ahead and get in front of what comes next and stay unstuck

Clarity + a Mindset Upgrade to help you believe that you can achieve your dreams

LIFETIME access to the NursePreneur Mastermind Course Collection (including new programs in the future!)

1:1 Support Calls with Catie

Bonuses Worth OVER $10,000+


1. Who is this program for?
This program is for nurses who are serious about starting profitable side business and want to go all the way to a 6+ figure business within the next year.

2. What kind of business can I start?
We specialize in helping nurses to start coaching programs, online courses, concierge nurse businesses, IV hydration, consulting and affiliate businesses. Our students have created DNP coaching program, Nurse Consultant Academy, Dementia Caregivers group, Self Care for Nurses, IV hydration, Concierge Nurse businesses, Cancer education business, Nurse mentoring programs, Concussion education programs and even product based business like turning wedges, lotions and more. If you're not sure about your idea, we can talk about it during your interview and if we can't help you, we will refer you to other amazing business coaches who can.

3. How much time will the program take?
You will need at least 5-15 hours a week to work through the structured modules, reflect on the material and then take the steps that will move your business further. If you have zero time to do anything else in your life, then starting a business is not realistic. Consider how you will find this time in your life to dedicate to investing in yourself. You are already the expert, but we need to show you how to become the CEO of your expertise. This is an evolutionary process that will take some effort.

4. When can I join the Mastermind?
The Mastermind opens periodically depending on availability of spots. Because Catie spends so much time working with students to get them where they need to be to start, she can only take on a max of 5 new students at a time. You can apply for the Mastermind at any point and if you are a good fit for the program, we will let you know when the next opening will be available. There may be a waitlist to get started.

5. I'm brand new to business and have no ideas or too many ideas that prevent me from moving forward, will this work for me?
Honestly, it's easier to work with students who think they have no ideas or have too many ideas because we can show them their expertise quickly and easily after speaking with them for less than an hour. This is Catie's special talent. Finding a business idea and creating a business of your dream is straight forward once we get you clear and focused.

6. I've already started a business, is this program for me?
This program is designed to help nurses create a 6-figure business. If you are consistently making over 6 figures then this program is NOT for you. If you are struggling to get clients, to earn consistent income or get your business off the ground, then we can help you. The problem is usually foundational and will respond rapidly to tweaks and simple interventions. In fact, our students who earned their investment back within a couple weeks of starting with Catie just needed to be tweaked back on the right track. This program will help you to catapult your business and create a more predictable flow of income.

7. What kind of support is available?
In this program, we meet weekly for Q&A coaching calls. Students also get 3 1:1 consultations to make sure they stay on track and continue to focus on what is important. There is also the support of the NursePreneurs community, where students not only help each other, but provide valuable connections and insights.

8. When can I expect to see results?
It depends. Some nurses start making money quickly because the nature of the business. For instance the Concierge Nurse model generates income more quickly than setting up online programs or educational offerings. The goal of this program is to have you making money by the end of 6 months. However, the first year is really about learning this new way of thinking about nursing and your expertise.

Once you have the process developed and tested, then the second year is about scaling to 6 figures and beyond. This takes the pressure off the students who think if they aren't making money by week 2, they’re some how behind or fall into a negative mindset. You are never behind. We assume you have a life, family, friends, a full time job and other responsibilities. To expect to do everything on a tight schedule is exhausting and unrealistic. Give yourself space and celebrate everything frequently without ever focusing on what didn't get done. We focus on what did get done and celebrate it!

It's important to add a disclaimer here about your results and let you know that a 6-figure business is in no way guaranteed. Your results will differ from student case studies that are provided and from our own experience. We cannot guarantee your success, results or income. We do not take responsibility for your success or your failure, you are responsible for both.  We can only guide you along the way. Your results will be based on variables such as your level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skill and other factors.

9. What other expenses should I expect?
We recommend many free resources that can be utilized throughout the program, however there will be other unavoidable expenses that you will encounter such as setting up a website, email service providers, using software, the cost of registering your business, printing costs, etc. The total expenses will vary depending on whether or not you do it yourself or hire designers and/or other team members to help you. We will help guide you on what would be reasonable to spend money on and what you might not need, but ultimately what you spend will be your decision. We would encourage you to have at least $3-5k dollars set aside for start up expenses in your business that are above and beyond the cost of this program.  As a special bonus, we have a CPA explain how to write off expenses on your taxes (such as this mastermind), a home office and other legal ways to make this program super affordable!

What you're really getting with nursepreneurs...

Unrivaled Coaching, Mentoring And Community Support To Define Your Business, Design Your Powerful Brand And Deliver Your Results.

Nothing is more powerful than a supportive community of like-minded, like-intended NursePreneurs and a mentor to help you focus on EXACTLY what you need to do First and NExt.

Before the Mastermind I didn’t have a plan - other than becoming a coach - and I didn’t know how to get clients. (I actually got my first client so that I could take part in the program.) Going from selling $30 sessions to $300 sessions is a huge difference in just a month. I’ve started to value myself more, and I feel completely confident that each month will be consistent.

I love the workbooks and how the program is laid out so that you have really have to dive deep and think about what you want. The community is also amazing, I really feel like everyone is a friend. It’s so high energy, it’s beautiful.”

Erin Kelley, RN


"I’ve been a nurse for over 30 years.  I have a Facebook group of over 40,000 members that I built from scratch over the last 5 years.  Before I met Catie, I had never monetized this group, I did all the work for free. I knew I needed some guidance and to get practical steps to go from zero to $5k.

The experience has been amazing. The steps I've followed have created interest, success and high visibility. Just doing the actual steps has created the success, even when I haven’t always believed in myself at the time. I really love the laser coaching, I look forward to it every week. It creates community and I really feel connected to Catie as well. I still feel I get the 1:1 experience even though it’s a group setting. It’s great to show up every week to see other people’s progress and that’s very inspiring.

I think if you know that you want to do the Mastermind, just do it! If you feel in your gut that you want to do it, just go ahead as you won’t regret it. I didn’t!"

Gail Weatherill, MSN



Before I joined the Mastermind program I had no idea how to run a business or even how to find clients. I definitely had the drive and determination to make it happen. I was looking for practical tools, support and encouragement and I found it in Catie’s Mastermind program. I believe I built friendships for life with other NursePreneurs.

Today I’m super clear on what it takes to run my own business and how to find my ideal clients. Catie’s skills as a coach are out of this world. I have overcome few personal challenges during the program.  I’m in love with my business. I am more grateful than I can ever express in words! it literally changed my life. Thank you so much, Catie!

~Christal Parker, RN



I’m still in full-time work and my goal is to get out of the healthcare system. I was at the point of 'I need something more, I want to make this happen a lot faster'.


I’m just gaining so much more knowledge from doing it this way, I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t joined. My proudest moment so far was getting my first client and seeing how much I am helping him.

~Tina Willis, LPN



Before the Mastermind, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. I had never run a business, and I was struggling with finding clients. A week after talking to Catie, I found my first client quite easily.  I am now 10 million times more confident that I will get clients -- and have realized that the confidence is key.  I can’t wait to see what the next few months of the Mastermind will hold!

~Kimble Walters, RN



"If you are looking for someone to really show you everything you need to have in place to run a business and exactly how to get there Catie is the one to show you how. The NursePreneur Mastermind gives you everything you need in a step by step plan.

Catie is amazing at both teaching you the business stuff and also coaching you through the many struggles you have or mindset shifts you need to make to get you inspired and back on point fast. Not only does the NursePreneur Mastermind give you all that but it also gives you the most amazing bunch of women to go through the journey with, which has been totally priceless for me!"

~Rosalyn Chachula, LPN


These are my students.  They are nurses mentored by me.  And while you may not be familiar with all their names, you would be familiar with what they are able to do.  They are able to connect, communicate and suspend disbelief. They are able to make money. Some of them have left their jobs at the hospital completely.  The processes I teach are transferable, duplicatable and sustainable. I’ve never failed with my system. If someone implements, they produce results. If they implement, they differentiate themselves and position themselves as the only logical choice.

~Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, RN
The NursePreneur Mentor

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