​​One-on-One ​with Catie

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What Can You Accomplish With 1:1 Mentoring?

3 Months 1:1 Mentoring

Choose one of the following outcomes:

Create A Powerful Personal Brand

Get Clients In Your Business

Establish Authority With Media

6 Months 1:1 Mentoring

Choose two of the following outcomes:

Build Your Business Idea

Create A Powerful Personal Brand

Get Clients In Your Business

Establish Authority With Media

12 Months 1:1 Mentoring

Create A Business From Your Hopes, Dreams and Passion

Achieve All 4 Outcomes

If you are willing and ready to go deep in your transformation and you want to make accelerated change right now, 1:1 Mentoring is for you.

  • 1:1 Mentoring is personalized and focused.
  • We dive deep into your goals and dreams, and create an actionable plan for the following 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • We meet every month to work out any difficult issues that come up and keep you on track in your business.
  • Allows you to really invest in personalized, individual guidance and support to help your create massive shifts in your life, not only around your business but how you show up for yourself and others.

If you feel 1:1 Mentoring is for you, I would love to talk with you.

Let’s set up a no-strings attached FREE strategy call.  I'll help you with your first obstacle and then we will decide what you need to do from there.  

We both need to interview each other to make sure this mentoring program is a great fit.

I've taken a lot of online courses over the years, but I struggled with the implementation process.  Yes I knew deep down if I just followed the curriculum I would be successful, but there was always something more pressing in my life to take care of first.  

I spent a very large amount of money (that I didn't really have) to get a mentor 1:1 because I believed that what I had to offer was worth something, I just needed a push and this is what worked for me.

  • One-on-one mentoring sessions are the fastest and most efficient way to catapult your business to success. 
  • If you are looking for someone to help support your business dream and hold you accountable to your goals for maximum success, then one-on-one will be the best use of your time and money.

Why did 1:1 mentoring work for me?  

Because I couldn't stand the thought of having a witness to my own self-sabotage.  If my mentor told me to do X,Y,Z, come hell or high water, I would find a way to get it done.  My mentor was tough and I never wanted to disappoint her.

I want to return this tough love for nurses who are serious about getting results fast.  

Let's get started and I will show you how...

It's not enough to mentor you just one time, so you must commit to a time frame.  

Which time frame is right for you?

  • The 3 month option is good for nurses who have businesses that already exist and they want to work on ONE certain area - for example personal branding, bringing more clients into their business, mastering an aspect of online business such as automation, creating funnels,  doing presentations or getting media exposure.
  • 6 months is enough time to tackle 2 of those objectives - building a business + clients, branding + media, clients + media.  Any combination of what works best for you. 

  • If you aren't entirely sure about the direction of your business or you haven't started yet, I strongly recommend that you do 12 months of mentoring.  It is very difficult to make substantial progress in 3 months, unless you devote your life to it.  

I'm assuming you have a job, a family and other obligations to contend with in addition to starting your business.  Take the pressure off yourself and give yourself permission to succeed in a reasonable time frame.  

If you can't afford 1:1 mentoring for 1 year, then check out the NursePreneur Business Academy.  This is THE most affordable option that provides 1 year of support in a group setting and includes all the elements of starting up a new business.

Each 1:1 mentoring program options include:

  • 1 - intensive face to face meeting (in person, via Skype) to get to know you, your business and establish our working goals.  This initial call will last 90 minutes.

  • 2 - 60 minute private mentoring sessions every month so that you have strategic support for the entire month and someone to guide you to (re)align your actions with your goals and to hold you accountable.  

  • 2 - 15 minute SOS calls for extra support in case of a special situation

  • A private community to connect with other nurses going through the program, so you can receive all the support you need

  • An individualized action plan for starting a business including concrete steps you can take daily 

  • Actionable goals and individualized strategy planned specially for you

  • Marketing and Media Strategy Done For You

  • Unlimited email support

  • ***Money Back Guarantee That You Achieve Results

Get Results in 3, 6 or 12 Months - Your Choice: GUARANTEED

I guarantee your will achieve results in your business.  My purpose is not to take your money or trap you into a contract, it's to see you succeed.  Do the work, if you don't get results, you get your money back, it's that simple.  

If you want to find out if this is right for you, then let's set up a strategy call.  

I typically have a waiting list of clients so it may not be possible to start right away.  The sooner you contact me, the sooner we can get you booked into my calendar.  

One-on-one mentoring is extremely time consuming for me as well because I put everything I have into getting you the most amazing results as fast as possible.  This means I can only work with a very limited number of nurses at a time.

Fill out the application by clicking on the button.  After I review your application we need to schedule a 15 minute phone discussion to make sure we are a good fit and then we can go from there.  

Ready to find out more?  Click here to apply. There is no obligation, let's just talk.

I needed to get out of the hospital system.  I called Catie to see if she could help me.  Now I can't sleep at night because I'm so excited about my business and how it's growing. 

Aimee Walsh Concierge Nurses

I saw other nurses starting businesses just like I wanted to do.  Catie helped me to jump start my new business with IV Hydration.  This never would have opened if it weren't for her 1:1 guidance.

Erin Klansek - IV Hydration

​I always dreamed of having a business, but never made any moves to make it happen.  Then I found Catie.  She helped me find my passion and 3 paying clients within weeks of working with her.

Lori Kerley - DNP Coach