Finally….A way to use your nursing knowledge and skills to make extra money on the side WITHOUT working more shifts 

Techniques to turn your idea and your nursing skills into your First $1000 and beyond.

​Learn How To Use Your Nursing Knowledge To Start A Business

You've spent years on your nursing degree and working with patients.  But you are tired of the craziness of the healthcare system and want to find other ways to make money.  The problem is very few jobs pay as well as nursing does.

So you keep picking up overtime shifts and working that 2nd & 3rd job. Only to find yourself more and more exhausted.  You should be able to leverage your nursing knowledge to make more money and spend less time running around the crazy healthcare system.  And the fact is you absolutely can!

Imagine people actively seeking you out for your opinion, physicians referring clients to you, the media asking you what you think about today’s healthcare system. 

Imagine getting the respect and attention you deserve by leveraging your skill set and knowledge base in nursing. 

What if you could turn your nursing skills into a business that could be used to make an impact on patients? 

What would you do to change the world?

From Catie Harris, author of NursePreneurs:

You know this scenario… another overtime shift at the hospital. 

You just got your assignment for the day and no one cares it’s your 5th 12 hour shift in a row or you had the same assignment for the last 4 days, you get a new assignment – 10 new patients: 3 discharges (i.e. new admissions), 2 pre-ops (forget lunch today), 4 patients waiting for various tests, and Mr. Jones – the 86 year old veteran who is in 4-point restraint but can still kick, bite and spit. 

Oh and by the way, he’s willfully incontinent.  MRI just called and they can take the pre-op (who still needs his clearance before his 8am start), but only if you can get him there right NOW

Say good-bye to your Starbucks.

What are you doing here?  Is this where you wanted to be? Is this what you imagined working in the hospital would be like?  Remember when the unit used to be fun and the chaos was exciting?  Is this what you want to be doing in 2 years? 5 years? 15 years from now?

1 year from now, you will be 1 year older.  And doing the same thing.. You went into nursing to make a difference, to help people, to do good in the world, and yeah, it pays well too! 

The reality of it is you are stuck on an assembly line that’s moving faster and faster.  Get the patients in and out – don’t dillydally, don’t spend a lot of time with the patients, no time for teaching.

What you end up doing is nursing the computer screen and getting irritated when you get interrupted (1000x) trying to click all your boxes.  And because everyone in the healthcare system is so busy, the very people we are trying to serve become a nuisance.

Mr. Smith demands you get the doctor (who rounds outside of the room but rarely goes in),  Mrs. Jones snaps at you because she is tired of repeating the answers to the same questions that 15 other people just woke her up to find out (instead of reading the chart – which is wrong because the outside hospital didn’t document the right information).   Mr. Peters is super anxious and can’t absorb any of the information he is being told and repeatedly asks the same thing over and over and over and over.

At the end of a 12-hour shift do you feel good about your work anymore?  Or do you find yourself angry, bitter and annoyed at everyone?

The problem is the healthcare system, not nursing.  Nursing is a GREAT job and the skills and knowledge you have are underrated and under-appreciated.  The problem is we aren’t able to do real nursing in the current healthcare system. 

​So.. You have a good idea?  We'll take care of that..

And if you have a great idea to make a change…

Watch that get squashed flatter than a pancake in a millisecond. 

The healthcare system stifles the creative process. 

What we need are nurses who take nursing outside of the hospital and meet the patients where they are – physically, emotionally, spiritually.  By combining your passions, talents and patient needs, business opportunities abound for nurses.  They are everywhere.  And the have the potential to create real change.

Option 1: You can keep picking up overtime shifts at the hospital or work your per diem shifts at hospitals all over town and perpetuate the cycle.


Option 2: You can decide that you went into nursing to do something meaningful…to help patients…to be proud of what you give…You can decide that it’s time to let go of your extra shifts and crazy hours.  And be in control of your time and money.

Yes, you can find a profitable business idea that is meaningful, create value for your patients, AND turn it into a side income – a real, serious side income that is legitimate and respectable without creating yet “another job” for yourself.  All while changing the way healthcare is delivered.  Imagine how great healthcare would be if Nurses were running the system.

Here’s one way you can do it...

​NursePreneur Business Academy

​I know you want to create value and work from home. And you can. Building a business doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming. In fact, I have a plan to get you closer

Why doesn’t anyone talk about nurses starting businesses to solve issues in healthcare?

In 2006, I started my very first prototype of a business called Retraining for Life.  The idea came from my neuro patients who struggled after surviving a life-altering condition – subarachnoid hemorrhage (brain aneurysm rupture). 

At the time I was working on my PhD and I noticed that the severity of the brain injury didn’t always explain which patients would go back to work and which ones wouldn’t. 

When I started talking to the patients, I heard very different stories from them.  Some people saw their experience as a second chance and some saw it as having their life taken away from them. 

It was through talking to my patients that I saw a real opportunity for me to provide immense value to them in a way that I could not help them as a nurse in the hospital system. 

Ultimately, these people were left completely on their own to figure out what to do next and how to make their lives work.

And no one in their lives understood them – the headaches, the personality changes, the noise issues…

They lost friends, they lost their jobs, marriages broke up.  And there was no one to listen to them. 

No one but me. 

The patients just loved having the opportunity to just say what no one else was letting them say.  And to be heard.

At the time I didn’t think I was doing anything special and I didn’t realize that it was a business model that I could actually develop further and scale. 

But the more and more I look back on this, the more I realized that nurses are quite literally sitting on one of the biggest goldmines of the century – both literally and figuratively.

The nurse who builds a business around helping patients pick up the pieces in their lives and helps them “retrain for life” is incredibly valuable and completely understated.

But when I look around, I see very few nurses starting businesses.  I hear things like:

“I have no expertise”

“I don’t have any ideas” or "too many ideas"

“I don't have any business skills”

"I started a business but no one was interested"

"I don't know how to market"

These are limiting scripts of stagnation.  You could pretty much apply these objections to anything new that you think about trying, it’s not necessarily business-specific.  Most people can see themselves in at least a few of these limiting scripts.

Let’s look at them a little closer.

“I have no expertise”

No expertise.  This was an objection I was not initially prepared for.  You see nurse after nurse started telling me they didn’t really have an expertise. 

Like, they worked on med/surg or the cardiac unit for, but then they just kind got of bounced around a bit.  Your medical or surgical specialty doesn’t define your expertise as a nurse. 

Your expertise is defined by what you do best.  It might be that you are an awesome listener, you may be discharge queen, or IV king, or maybe you breakdown ideas for everybody, maybe you are the one that everyone comes to with a problem. 

Maybe you are the unit event coordinator and manage all the parties.  Or are you the one that gets sent in to calm families down? 

Maybe you work with cancer patients but your expertise is exercising.  Perfect!

Yeah, but how can you monetize something that vague?  Let me show you…

“I don’t have any ideas”

“I have thought of lots of ideas, but a business isn’t for me”

No ideas. Really?  No ideas?  I find this hard to believe.  How many times have you sat around with friends and said “Wouldn’t it be great if…” 

Or listened to your patients complain about everything under the sun.  Those are all ideas. 

The funny thing is, the biggest mistake new entrepreneurs make is they have a rock solid idea of what they want to do. 

It’s actually a recipe for failure.  You don’t actually come up with the ideas first, you let the market tell you what it wants.  You merely accept the ideas that come your way.

You don’t need ideas, you need an open mind.

Too many ideas.  Having too many ideas can be paralyzing.  It’s hard to give up on an idea especially when they all seem great, but you have to choose. 

You can only pursue one great idea at a time when you are first starting out, so you will have to make choices.  The best idea is the one that the market validates and says Yes!  That is exactly what we want.

“I don’t have any business skills”

I don’t have any business skills – That’s why I created this program.  I wanted to give you the business skills you need to complement your nursing knowledge.  You don’t need an MBA. 

Actually an MBA won’t help you at all.  It will cost you a ton (trust me I know!), but an MBA is geared towards teaching you to function in the corporate world, not being an entrepreneur. 

"I started a business but no one was interested"

"I don't know how to market"

Marketing is pretty straightforward, but to be honest the hardest parts are the emotions and insecurities we bring to the table.  

Really you just need to do X,Y, and Z to be successful.  However, that isn’t how this story goes. 

You will push back in one way or another with statements like "I can't", "Nurses don't do that", "what will people think".

You won’t even realize you are sabotaging yourself until the limiting script you have written gets pointed out to you.

All of these limiting “scripts” that I talk about are real to you.  But please NOTE, we make them up.  They only exist in our own minds. 

No one else knows that you are scared, insecure or unsure of yourself.  Look at people you admire and people who you think are successful – they have limiting scripts too.  They just won’t let you in on them.

The definition of courage is being afraid but doing something anyway.  I’m telling you now, starting a business takes courage and you will have limiting scripts to work through.

The purpose of limiting scripts are to help us to slow down and think things through. 

These scripts however are also completely limiting and paralyzing in our lives, so they need to be regulated and overcome. 

These scripts prevent you from trying new things and from being successful.

If you make yourself believe you can’t do something there are an unlimited number of reasons why you can’t.  And the reverse is true as well. 

If you believe you can do something, then you can find a way.

The key is to recognize the scripts and find the courage to work through them.

My approach is to incorporate ways to tackle mindset issues every step of the way.  And since business follows a very specific and sequential order, I can anticipate what your issues will be.

First things first… How can you start a business with just your nursing knowledge?

MY APPROACH: First, we will find your audience, and then build a side income around what they want.

It doesn’t matter if your idea has been done before or there is a major, super advanced competitor in your space.  People start successful businesses in the weight loss industry everyday in spite of Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or ten thousand other competitors. 

The trick is to find a niche of people who aren’t being directly served, and as a nurse you are getting that audience on a silver platter.

We are starting with a familiar idea and applying it to a very niched population – your patient population or whatever other demographic you choose (day care workers, other nurses, doctors, hospitals, etc). 

​Take your love or passion for something, combine it with a niched patient population and bam – you are pretty much the only competition in this space. 

Why not help out cancer patients who want to optimize their quality of life or help them say good-bye to their families? 

Or even better,  ask them what they need in their lives.  Once you find something that you can provide you have a business model.

You can easily validate any business idea just by talking to the audience you want to target.  Isn't it better to go direct to the source, figure out what they need and then provide it?  Your marketing is done for you this way too.

And the best news is, you only need 3 customers who are willing to pay to prove a point.

Once you have 3 paying customers (and grandma doesn't count), you know your product or service can be scaled.  Make no mistake!  Those first 3 paying customers will be the toughest of your entire business.

Why? Because there are so barriers to get the first 3 paying customers.  You have to overcome your limiting scripts and then have a system in place to manage your business.

You don’t need to spend hours on marketing techniques or cold selling people on your ideas.  In fact, if you are doing that you are doing it all wrong.

Marketing isn’t like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.  In the early stages you don’t need to waste your time on:

·      Twitter

·      Facebook

·      Instagram

·      Pinterest

·      Periscope

Or whatever the social media du jour is…  When you only need 3 paying customers, you should be able to find what you need through word of mouth and content marketing only.

Once you have an established business with 3 paying customers, you can worry about driving traffic through social media.  Heck, you may even be able to hire a social media manager to do it all for you!

he thing is, when you work in the hospital you don’t have time to do anything meaningful for your patients. 

When we teach our patients, it’s in between tests, blood draws, family visits and at discharge.  How much do you think they absorb?

Very little.

The other problem is we focus on providing just information.  In marketing, we call information the “features”. 

But marketers know people don’t buy information or "features", they buy the transformation or what we call the “benefits”.

What would an extra $1000 a month mean to you?

What would an extra $1000 a month mean to you?  Would you:

·      Stop working overtime

·      Give up your agency job

·      Say “No” to extra shifts

·      Only work 3 days a week and spend the rest of the time actually relaxing

·      Get regular massages

·      Take trips

·      Build up a savings

Introducing The Fastest And Most Effective Way To Start A Business For Nurses:

NursePreneur Business Academy

The Step-By-Step Program That Teaches You How To Transform Your Nursing Knowledge And Skills Into A Business.

This program is the only Entrepreneurial program of its kind just for nurses.

This is NOT a “fluffy” course or some general tips on how to get started in business.

I’ve put together a STEP-BY-STEP course that follows a very specific and sequential order.

If you follow this program AND take action, you will be able to generate your first $1000, which you can then turn into $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 and beyond.

If you are ready to get started, read on to find out how the course works.


Benefits Of NursePreneur Business Academy

1.    You don’t need business skills, an MBA or an advanced degree to join the NursePreneur Business Academy

2.    You don’t have to waste your time or money trying to figure it all out on your own

3.    You get step-by-step instructions that tell you exactly what to do next

4.    You learn how to overcome the mindset issues that will inevitably derail most businesses before they get off the ground

5.    You can work less, do something meaningful with your nursing skills and create value in the healthcare system

How It Works

The NursePreneur Business Academy Follows A Simple Formula designed to walk you through the exact process on how to transform your nursing knowledge into a business idea using my 3 simple moves - ACCEPT, ACCELERATE, ACHIEVE.

There's no getting lost.  No wondering what to do next.  

It's all laid out step by step for you and day by day.

ACCEPT That Your Nursing Ideas Can Make Money

⁂  Don't have ideas on how to start a business? No problem.

⁂  I will show you how to find 10-20 profitable ideas in less than 1 hour

⁂ And more importantly I will show you how to do something with those ideas.

ACCELERATE Your Progress With Step-by-step mentoring

✔ Stay motivated with your business by setting frequent accountability sessions. Your brain will thank you for the rewards and keep you going.

✔ RSee your progress accumulate rapidly by completing ONE daily task that easily gets you to your goals.

ACHIEVE Success with A System that you create

Freedom is:

➜ Working on what you choose to work on

➜ Working as fast as you want

➜ Working from wherever you may be


Here's What You Get When You Join The NursePreneur Business Academy

You can build a nursing career that invests in what you already know and makes an impact on others -- after all isn't that why you went into nursing?

When you join the NursePreneur Business Academy, you get exclusive access to:

1. A 1 Year Mentorship Program That Will Teach You:

  • How to find 30-50 business ideas in 1 hour
  • How to validate your business ideas without spending any money
  • Package, price and position your new business idea for success
  • Create a message to market match that outsells the competition
  • Discover which insurance policies you need
  • Establish yourself as an authority even if you have no advanced degrees or certifications
  • Learn how to get clients quickly and to sell without selling
  • Use paid advertising strategically and within your budget
  • Leverage media to bring clients to you without spending a dime

2. Cheatsheets, checklists, templates, audio and video files in each module so you can record your progress and solidify what you have learned.

3. Step-by-step formula to transform your nursing knowledge into a business idea. This unique system lets you go through the course material quickly and get started on your road to an amazing new nursing career.

4. NursePreneur Community

  • Private Facebook Group with a small, but elite group of nurses who are making an impact and a difference in healthcare
  • Small Group Teaching - Small groups and 1:1 coaching with and monthly office hours will provide accountability and results

 5. Support

  • Tech Support for when we get into building your website and offering.  We take it step by step.
  • Special Guests - I bring in high profile guests to amplify specialty topics

The Entire Program Is Structured And 

Delivered Step By Step

We’ve all had that experience where we came up with an idea that had potential to be great, but we just let it go.  Maybe you were hanging out with friends and you all pinky swore to follow through with a plan and yet after everyone went home nothing ever came of it.

Maybe you even started to pursue an idea only to be derailed by limiting scripts in your mind. 

This experience happens to everybody, but it makes us believe that we can’t be successful – because we’ve tried in the past and it hasn’t happened to us yet.

Just because something’s never happened before doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  The past doesn’t predict the future.  However, we can perpetuate the past into our future with our beliefs.

If you believe you will be successful, you will be.

All This Plus More.....

If You Order Right Now, You Get These 2 Bonuses - FREE

Join the NursePreneur Business Academy today and get access to our bonuses while they last, including:  

BONUS #1 (Value $49)

• Kick Ass Secrets of NursePreneurs - my 3-part series on setting up whatever type of business model you want.

BONUS #2 (Value $599)

• 1:1 Consulting Call with Catie - I want to make this as easy as possible for you!  So let's talk about what you are thinking about and I'll help guide you in the right direction.

Lisa White Porter, MSN, RN

I am still working through module one, but loving it. It has actually made me perform some deep soul searching and be able to put my thoughts into words. That may be because I have not followed the order but who knew I had to build a business around a product? But now I am loving it! I just get lost in the research and want to dive deep, read every link, every book, do every activity.

Online Course Profits for Nurses

Quickly set up a course for your audience using templates that make it as easy as possible.  No tech experience required!

Create a Coaching Program for Nurses

Want a more individualized approach with your audience? This template will show you how to package and price your service effectively.

Create a Consulting Company

Ready to start consulting but don't know how to pitch clients or where to find them?  This template will get you started in no time.

What Is The Investment?

The actual cost of this entire program - the Modules, the Bonuses, the coaching retails for over $19,500.

But I want this to be accessible to nurses.  I really want nurses to do this. So the nurses that come through this program, will not pay $19,500 or even anything close to it.

Click the Register Now Button To Access
NursePreneur Business Academy for $1997:

NursePreneur Business Academy Mentorship Program

The full NPBA program – everything you need to build your idea into a business

  • Access to templates and cheatsheets
  • Audio case studies
  • Video modules
  • PDFs

Plus – A 1-year mentorship in small groups and 1:1 with Catie for 12 months

  • Monthly office hours
  • Access to the private Facebook group for 1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

I assembled some more frequently asked questions here.  If you don't see the answer to a question you have, then email me at Read More -->

Where Will You Be In 1 Year From Now?

Look, anything worth having isn’t going to be easy.  You have to work for what you want.  But you can be intentional in your process.

I see so many nurses who just end up in their positions.

Me: “How did you get to be VP of the OR?”
Nurse: “Well I worked here for so long and when the other VP quit, they needed someone and I just happened to be there.”

Really?  Are you going to sit around and wait for something to happen to you or hope someone quits and you are in the right place at the right time?

It helps if you have an idea of what you want.  It really puts things in perspective.  After all it is hard to achieve your dreams if you don’t have any.

A year from now you will be a year older.  Are you going to be a year closer to your dreams?

You can spend year after year thinking it would be great to do something else or you can spend the next year building a business that will change your life.

Yes it’s hard.  Yes it takes time.  Yes you will fail sometimes.  Yes it costs money.

But even better? 

Yes it will change your life and put you in an entirely different place than you are RIGHT NOW.

If that is what you want, then you are in the RIGHT place.

1 year from now, you will have the knowledge and systems you need to be successful in a business.  In one year from now you will have implemented all the processes and you will be earning money from your business that you can scale if you choose.

What Is Holding You Back?

A Fear of Failure OR A Fear of Success? 

Give me the next year and let me show you what is possible.

You can come back next year if you’re not ready.  But just imagine if you had done this last year.

Where would you be today?  There are a million reasons NOT to start a business. 

But I know if you have the calling, the need to do something more meaningful and the desire to find better ways to earn money,  you only need ONE reason to join this program.

How Much Time Do I Need To Devote To This Course?

I would suggest you work on your business a little bit every day between 30 minutes – 2 hours.  You should commit to a minimum of 5 hours a week to your business adding more content, more authority and more services for your audience.  You can’t do too much over time, but you can do too much at once.

In fact, I would encourage you NOT to spend more than 5 hours a week on your business at first because it’s a slow process and you need to pace yourself to maintain motivation. 

Remember you will still have a full time job, a family and some friends you need to hang out with!

This program is great for nurses who want to start a business, but it’s certainly not for every one.

​The only ways I know how to get rich quick I don’t endorse.  Here’s a list of Get Rich Quick Schemes for you to consume (and then go away!)

Can’t I Get This Information On The Internet For Free

Yes of course, but good luck with that!  I’m not kidding, there are tons of free resources out there.  In fact that is exactly how I started out in my own business – consuming free information.

But I never got anywhere.  The fact is, it’s not information that is the problem.  Starting a business is pretty straightforward and you can go to the Small Business Administration and get all the information you need.

But it’s more than that isn’t it? 

How many times have you had a good idea that you failed to pursue?  Or you jumped from one thing to the next because you couldn’t get any feedback or you weren’t sure if it was a really good idea?

People spend thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on mentors and coaches because they don’t know what they don’t know.

Who do you trust?  How do you know what to do first?  How do you stay motivated?

Remember what it was like when you first started as a nurse? 

You were assigned a preceptor to help you learn the ropes of the hospital and to “protect” you from making the same common, predictable mistakes every new nurse makes.

The information is out there, any new nurse can read exactly what she needs to do on day 1, but who really learns that way?

This program simulates a preceptor experience.  It will teach you

·      How to stay motivated

·      How to work through your limiting scripts

·      How to manage your time

·      How to work on what is most important first

I Know This Formula In The NursePreneur Business Academy Can Work For Anyone Who Has the Drive To Succeed

Don't Wait

Remember you can continue doing what you are doing as a nurse right now. But I'm assuming since you are here, you are looking for something different.

You know that your path won't lead somewhere different unless you go somewhere different.  If you are ready to get a new result, then enroll in the NursePreneur Business Academy and put together a new future for yourself that uses the best of nursing away from the bedside

What I Want You To Know Before You Decide

1. You don't need an advanced degree or even a business degree to be successful.  You are enough today.

2. You don't need 20 years experience or even a title of expertise.  You already know enough to change your future.

3. You don't need a ton of extra time. You can work on your business 1-2 hours a day and make significant progress.

4. You don't need to have an idea ready yet.  I will teach you to find more ideas than you will know what to do with.

5. You're likely not going to make millions on your first project, but you can very easily bring in $1000+ per month with only a couple customers.

6. You do not need lots of money to get started.  In fact, this program was designed to prevent you from wasting money on unnecessary things. 

Bob Hess, PhD, RN, FAAN - Executive Vice President & Chief Clinical Executive On Course Learning;

"Catie has mastered the art of taking nothing and transforming it into something amazing. You'd have to be crazy not to jump at an opportunity to work with her. She IS the 'trusted authority' in business coaching."

Tracy Flood, MSN, RN - Advanced Practice Nurse

"No one tells you all the issues that will come up that aren't even related to nursing. Catie was better than any therapist. She helped me see what was holding me back and how to get past the barriers I put up for myself."


​Dr. Catie Harris