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If we haven't met yet.. I'm Catie Harris, founder and CEO of NursePreneurs.  And I KNOW nurses and I KNOW business.

I have helped thousands of nurses find their zone of genius and launch their dream business.

The NursePreneur Guide:

Discover Over 100 Successful Nurse Businesses That You Can Model

--> These case studies will show you how to get started and stay ahead of the competition

  • How they defined their profitable idea and ideal business model that ignited their passion and how nurse businesses are leaving a lasting impact on healthcare
  • How these nurse brands leverage nursing expertise, showcase nurses as leaders and positions them as the go-to nurse
  • Why their message resonates with their audience and how they generate never ending traffic that leads to their business
  • Gain access to BONUS websites of over 100 nurse businesses
  • Learn how you can model all of it to start your own business and make the impact you have been dreaming about

So..what's the point of these stories?

Moving Forward Efficiently

Starting a business by scavenging the Internet for free advice isn't going to help you crush your goals and get the traction you want.

These NursePreneur case studies will help you optimize your efforts so you can grow in a predictable and expected manner.

The more you model these successful nurses in business, the stronger your impact and authority becomes.

And I'm honored to be your guide!


This is the secret sauce of business.  I get asked all the time how value translates into a business.  And my response is in this guide!


Getting your audience to you is the first issue, but getting them to talk and engage with you is an art form you need to master!


When you start business, the work doesn't stop there, it's where it starts!  I teach exactly how to drive traffic to you over and over.

About The Author

Catie Harris is the NursePreneur Mentor

Hey, I'm Catie.  It's great to meet you!

I help nurses to find their zone of genius in a business model,

to show up as the expert that they are and to create premium

brands that their audience wants to do business with.

I create communities of NursePreneurs who are helping each other,

networking with each other and sharing resources.

These methods have been used by thousands of NursePreneurs

across the globe in all different industries and have been proven

time and time again to deliver game-changing results.

So dig in! I can't wait to hear how amazing your results are!

“I saw other nurses starting business just like I wanted to do. Catie helped me to jumpstart my new business with IV hydration. This never would have opened if it weren’t for her guidance and laser coaching.”

Erin Klansek - REvive Cafe

“Catie saw things in me I didn’t see in myself. She often says dreams come true when you have one—and she’s right. Now I’ve recently given up my night shift job and I am able to focus more time on building my business because I have more clients coming in!”

Lori Kerley - the DNP COach 

“I needed to be out of the hospital system. I called Catie to see if she could help me. Not only did she help me leave shift work, but she opened me up to a possibility I wasn't even considering - My own business.  Now I can’t sleep at night because I’m so excited about my business and how it’s growing.”

Aimee walsh - concierge nurse

The NursePreneur Guide

Discover Over 100 Successful Nurse Businesses That You Can Model:

--> These case studies will show you how to get started and stay ahead of the competition

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