Authentic Personal Branding

Becky Rui is a personal branding photographer who strives to create authenticity with inspired entrepreneurs.  She helps people find the truth in what they are doing and get clear on their personal brand.

I can personally attest to the beautiful soul of Becky.  She is gentle, caring and visionary.  I brought Becky over from the U.K. to do my own personal branding shoot because I believed she could really help me to overcome my fear of being seen.

And she not only succeed in helping me to be more visible, but she inspired me to help other nurses to do the same.

Becky does her shoots in a joyful, intuitive way, beginning with a grounding meditation, honouring the entrepreneur in that space, and creating a powerful variety of images for her clients' marketing. 

Check out Becky's website at www.BeckyRui.com

Don't Miss Moments:

  • How Becky helps her clients overcome the fear of being seen.
  • Becky's journey at such a young age to becoming an entrepreneur and how she believed in what she was doing.
  • How Becky inspires such authenticity in everything she does
  • How to get Becky for your next shoot.