Cannabis Education

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Tifaany Nichols, NursePreneur speaks about cannabis education

Tiffany Nichols is a masters prepared nurse in education who saw a need for cannabis education in the community. She would frequently get clients asking her about medical marijuana and whether it was appropriate for them.

Even though at the time cannabis was not legal in her state, Tiffany set on a path to learn everything she could about cannabis. What she learned could basically be translated into a Masters in Cannabis!

Soon she was finding other nurses and medical professionals wanted to know the information she had gathered. So Tiffany put together workshops to teach everything she knows and to support medical professionals who are learning about this important plant.

In addition to her training course, she also does a train the trainer session for curriculum development and she wrote a book on Medical Cannabis dosing.

If you would like to learn more about how this business can get off the ground and what it would take, listen up to what Tiffany has to say.

And check her out on her website: tk-solutions.org

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