Cannabis For Kids

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Vanessa Peck has worked as a nurse for more than 12 years. One day during a regular ED shift, a mom and her 17 year old son came in. The son had behavioral issues and was quite agitated. The ED attending ordered medications to calm him down, but the mother asked to give her son his cannabis treatment.

Vanessa didn't think much of it till she came back and the boy who has severely agitated 20 minutes prior was watching TV in bed and laughing with his mother. This incredible transformation led Vanessa on a search for what cannabis and CBD could do.

Vanessa got trained as a cannabis consultant and began exploring how cannabis can help kids with autism, behavior issues, fears, PANDAS, treatment resistant epilepsy, ADHD, anxieties and depression.

Her research has uncovered astounding findings that she now uses to help parents make informed decisions about incorporating cannabis into a child's treatment regimen.

Vanessa launched her business Elevated Healing to help parents to explore alternative options and to really understand what is available to help their children.

If you have a child, you need to listen to this episode on the NursePreneur Podcast.

To learn more about Vanessa, check out her website at: Elevated-Healing.com

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