Case Management Institute

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Deanna Gillingham, RN NursePreneur

Deanna Gillingham transitioned to case management as a nurse after an injury that prevented her from doing any heavy lifting.  Like most nurses she wanted to be good at her job and wanted to take the certification exam to prove it.

The problem was, she only had the blueprint or the exam, but nothing to actually study from.  There weren’t any good books out there that could help her to pass the exam.  Deanna took extensive notes over the course of a year on all the research she did to study for the exam.  As she said, “No one should ever have to do that!”.  Ultimately and inadvertently, Deanna wrote the exam guide for case managers.  Turns out lots of other case manager nurses needed this book too, so sales skyrocketed almost immediately.

Her accidental foray into entrepreneurialism grew into online courses, training programs, and a Facebook group of over 14,000 nurses.  Ultimately, the entire business allowed Deanna to pursue her dream of living on the Mexican Riveria on the Caribbean coast.  Talk about solving a great problem!

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