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Ashley Hay NursePreneur

Ashley Hay is a registered nurse, freelance writer, editor, and consultant.

She found her business niche in an unexpected way. Due to some health conditions, the demands of a 12 hour day or night shift did not allow Ashley the freedom of pursuing her love of oncology nursing.

Then she found out about the business of freelance writing in the healthcare space and began her journey into this business.

Ashley started out with some free pieces that she did for high profile sites, which led to many new and paid opportunities. Two years into her journey, Ashley has found her happy place and is making more money than she would as a staff nurse.

This type of business takes effort to get off the ground, but there is significant income possibility and a seemingly endless list of opportunities.

Ashley is available for a large array of freelance healthcare writing needs including original content, copywriting, ghostwriting, and patient education material.

You can find out more about Ashley on her website: ahaynursing.com

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