Energy Practitioner

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Tammy Hartman has been in nursing for a long time.  She describes herself as having had experienced so much pain, that she began missing out on events, and starting to isolate herself.  She knew she had to make a change and so she she searched until she found a holistic path.  She began seeing ALL, going deep within her soul, releasing old emotions, and traumas on every level of physical, mental, and spiritual.

In this episode, Tammy shares with us her journey into vibrational medicine, something she never could have imagined years prior.  She says she is grateful for her journey because the experience prepared her to be of service to others.

Find out how Tammy found her way and how she can help you too.

Learn more about Tammy Hartman at: https://www.hartmanholistic.com/

Don't Miss Moments:

  • How Tammy's journey of pain led her to the path of healing
  • What it took to get Tammy to believe in energy and vibrational medicine
  • Why she believes what she does
  • How she helps people who are open to the experience of energy