Health Coaching Business For Nurses

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Donni Alvarenga owns Nursing Outside of the Box and she shares with us how she became a health coach and how it has transformed her life.  She went from working as a pediatric nurse practitioner to a full time health and wellness coach.  Now she is helping other nurses to make the transition in lifestyle.

Don't Miss Moments:

  • What Donni thinks the biggest hangups to starting a business are for nurses
  • The biggest struggles in moving her business along
  • How Donni finds customers for her business
  • Why Donni doesn't believe in more certifications for nurses
  • How to get started in a health and wellness business

Find out more about Donni:

Facebook page:  facebook.com/nursingoutsidethebox

Website: www.NursingOutsideTheBox.com   

Instagram: @NursesHealthCoaching

Twitter: @NursesCoaching

5 Part Video series on the Business of Health Coaching:  nursingoutsidethebox.com/business101

Free ebook:  nursingoutsidethebox.com/ebook