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Natalie Lavelock NursePreneur

Natalie Lavelock is a high ticket coach and consultant who helps coaches, course creators and speakers how to find their purpose and build their legacy.

As a nurse Natalie was a clinical educator who was responsible for creating trainings and programs for her unit.  When a change of management came one day, they offered to promote her to management before eliminating her position.  Natalie declined and has never looked back.

She used this opportunity to do what she always wanted and dreamed about - helping other people attain their dreams.  While Natalie’s road to success wasn’t straight and narrow, she did find her unique specialty in creating training programs - something she learned as a nurse.

Natalie used her nursing skillset to help coaches and speakers from all industries to build their own certification programs and to have something to offer from stage.

In this episode Natalie also teaches us how to market without social media, and one of her best performing marketing techniques.

You can find Natalie at: www.NatalieLavelock.com

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