Holliblu - An App For Nurses

Available on iTunes & Soundcloud.

Cara Lunsford was working as a pediatric oncology nurse when she got burnt out.  She knew there were lots of other nurses who felt burnt out by their jobs and became obsessed with creating a supportive environment for them.

Her obsession to create a supportive environment led her to creating an app.  The app took on a life of its own and led her down a path she never imagined!  Cara started throwing around terms like seed investment, valuation, series A and foreign investors.

She never imagined when she started that this is the direction she would go.  But now, she sees an entirely new focus for supporting nurses in a variety of ways.

Sign up on Holliblu:   https://holliblu.com

Connect with Cara on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caralunsfordhb/

Don't Miss Moments:

  • How Cara found and solved her problem
  • Cara's advice for any nurse who wants to start an app
  • How to develop your team and why choosing your friend isn't the best idea
  • Cara's profound advice on why you should start a business.