I Am Starshema

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I am Starshema

Starshema is a registered nurse who found her passion in helping others after the loss of her child.  She wanted to share her knowledge and expertise with other women by helping them to start profitable 6 figure businesses based off her own experience of running a successful event planning business.

Starshema successfully runs Indelible Milestones, an event planning business.  After hearing about statistics that less than 20% of women who start businesses are able to scale it above 6 figures, Starshema found her purpose.  She started her next business Female CEO, where she coaches women 1:1 to meet their goals.

Starshema says business has been a journey and one that she absolutely loves.  Her signature program is designed to help women to step out from behind their brand, overcome mindset obstacles and learn from each other to build successful 6-figure businesses.

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