Inspiring Nurses

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Cat Golden, NursePreneur

Cat Golden is the owner of Nine Lives Health.  She began her NursePreneur journey as a nurses in pediatrics, but found her true passion helping nurses take care of their soul as they so graciously give of themselves to everyone else.

Cat is the self proclaimed Nurse whisperer as she feels it is her life’s purpose to embrace her true BEing and inspire others to do the same.

She now provides nurses with a centralized community of support and provides structure for their day and mindset.  Cat founded the Leap, Land, Live method, which is her signature mentorship program that helps nurses find routine and stability in the chaos of nursing.

Her 3 pillars of her business are Mentorship, Community and Offering merchandise to expand the Nurses Inspire Nurses movement.

Cat’s community holds monthly meetups around the country.  If you want to get involved in one of her meetups, her mentoring or just grab a really cool t-shirt, check out Cat’s website at: 


Don’t Miss Moments:

→ How Cat built her community

→ Mistakes Cat made along the way

→ How knowing what she didn’t want helped her find her passion and purpose

→ How to get involved in the Nurses Inspire Nurses Movement.