Nurse Coaching

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Lyn McCright from Advancing Nurse Coaching

Lyn McCright and Teresa Walding started Advancing Holistic Health, a nurse coaching certification program.  It’s a global program that spans across 3 continents under the framework of resilience. Lyn states the concept of nurse coaching is vital to our professional existence.

The Texas Workforce found that the average length of a nurse career after graduation in the last 5 years is only 18 months!  And nurses with more than 20 years of experience are having unprecedented burn out.

Advancing Holistic Health seeks to improve self-care for nurses as well as transform care provided to our patients.

Their program is a self-paced program that leads nurses through self awareness, insight into resilience, provides CE credit and gives nurses 60 hours of coaching experience, which is what they need to sit for the national boards.

To find out more about become a nurse coach, you can check out their website: NurseCoaching.com

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