Nurse Keith

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Keith Carlson

Keith Carlson is an expert career coach with decades of nursing experience.  He helps nurses to take their nursing career to the next level.

Keith was an early adopter of blogging and podcasting, before they were a thing.  Now he is a top go-to person in his niche. He has produced almost 250 podcast episodes and has years and years of blogging that continues to help nurses find their way in the healthcare system and in their careers.

How Keith helps his clients is by helping them to identify what’s most important as they create and manifest their own unique life vision.

Keith does 1:1 coaching with his clients, hosts private retreats for clients nearby his home in Santa Fe New Mexico and can help nurses optimize their LinkedIn profiles, which is an absolute must in this day and age!

In this episode Keith also teaches us how to start a business just by having conversations.

Find out more about Keith Carlson on his website: www.NurseKeith.com

Don’t Miss Moments:

→ How Keith’s brother launched his journey into becoming a NursePreneur

→ How truly listening will give nurses a business idea that they can build

→ Why Keith thinks LinkedIn is non-negotiable in this day and age for all nurses

→ What a private retreat in Santa Fe working with Keith looks like.