Nursing Concierge Style

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Noreen Connolly is a PhD, RN who worked in private duty and patient advocacy for many years.  She found that patients just wanted to be listened to and she wanted to do more for them.

Noreen found the hospital system to be very limiting in providing the care that she dreamed of providing for her patients, so she took a leap of faith in herself to design an agency that met her high standards of care.

Noreen's agency bridges the gap by providing patients with the individual care and answers to the questions they deserve.

Dr. Connolly, has a BSN, MSN and PhD.  She is an adult nurse practitioner with expertise in caring for patients in hospitals, in the home and teaching the next generation of nurses to do the same.

As Noreen says: "I have personally trained the best to be the best."   

Check out Noreen's company at https://www.prohealthnurse.net/

Don't Miss Moments:

  • How Noreen got her business up and running.
  • The first services Noreen invested in for her company.
  • Why Noreen didn't try to learn how to do everything on her own
  • Noreen differentiated her company by focusing in on care for the LGBTQ community, find out why this was important for her to do.