​Placenta Encapsulation Business

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The first reaction I had to eating my own placenta was - "that is weird and gross".  By the end of this episode I was really disappointed that this was never offered to me when I had my son.  Heather Rawlett has an amazing business and is spreading the word to women about placenta benefits.  Find out more about what she does and how you could get started in a business like this as well.

Find out more about Heather on her website: https://www.marylandplacentanurse.com.

Don't Miss Moments:

  • What Heather really thought about placenta pills with her own children
  • How Heather creates the pills for the mother
  • What it takes to start a unique business like Placenta Encapsulation
  • If you are interested in getting started, Heather provides next steps.