Starting A Pediatric Psych Clinic

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Dr. Hooper is no stranger to work.  As an Air Force officer with 4 boys and a husband, she is a talented multitasker.

So when she was living in Maryland and got advice to move to Georgia to start a nurse practitioner run clinic, she thought no big deal... Well no big deal for NPs in Maryland, where they have independent practice, but it is certainly a big deal for NPs in Georgia who have to find a supervising physician.

Dr. Hooper literally asked 50 doctors to work with her so she could start her dream of creating a psych pediatric clinic, so she could treat autism, adolescents, anxiety and so much more.  The clinic was desperately needed in her community.

Dr. Hooper persevered and found the perfect alliance.

Find out how she did it and what it took in this episode of the NursePreneur Podcast.

Check out Dr. Hooper's clinic at: AxisHope.care

Don't Miss Moments:

  • How Dr. Hooper decided to open her new clinic
  • What Dr. Hooper did first after she decided to start a clinic
  • Funding the clinic
  • What Dr. Hooper thinks is a realistic timeline to start a business