The Bossy Nurse

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Marsha Battee NursePreneur

Marsha had a variety of clinical jobs during her nursing career.  None of them led her to her first business, which was travel business guiding her clients around the world.  Marsha had an unshakeable self belief that the business would be successful and it was!  She made the decision to stop traveling with clients and found herself immersed in blogging and sharing ideas with nurses.  She came up with the idea of The Bossy Nurse and began the process of finding her passion.  The more Marsha wrote and spoke to nurses, the clearer her business became.

Marsha recently rebranded and relaunched her business to help other nurses to start their businesses and to help them with the mindset issues that come up with starting a business.  She now works with nurses in small groups and 1:1 to set up any type of business they can imagine.

To learn more about Marsha and her programs check out her website: www.TheBossyNurse.com 

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