The Career Whisperer

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Robert Hess is a world renowned leader in the Shared Governance model. His instrument has been used around the world. His books, lectures and insight into Shared Governance has been the focus of his career.

And for most of his nursing career he gave it all away for free. Now he is focused on the business of healthcare and how his extensive expertise can actually help more people than ever before by placing a value on it.

Robert's career has been diverse and rich in the world of editing, managing magazines, being a career blogger, an influencer, educator and high level executive.

One of his side projects is empowering nurses in their careers through his website the Career Whisperer.

Check out Robert's website at: sharedgovernance.org/

And his business at: www.careerwhisperer.org/

Don't Miss Moments:

  • How Bob and I met!
  • How Robert's career took a turn from the editing manager to the editor of Nurse.com
  • How Robert began to monetize his PhD dissertation
  • Why Robert is busier in retirement than he was a high level executive (and loving every minute of it)
  • How to get Robert to help you in your career.