Transformational Coach

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Jamesha Ross NursePreneur

Jamesha Ross is a nurse and certified health coach who works in occupational health.  She found that many of her corporate clients were really “stuck” in their lives and didn’t know how to make the change they needed.  She began working with them to achieve their best version of themselves and found out she was really good at it!

Through word of mouth, Jamesha’s coaching program began to grow.  Her clients started referring more clients to her.

Jamesha saw the opportunity to create a course and a book around transformation.  Her book is due out in the fall, and her course is ongoing restarting every other month.

Jamesha works with nurses and other healthcare providers to help them achieve change and to get unstuck in their lives.

To learn more about Jamesha, check out her website at www.JameshaRossRN.com

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