Establish Your Nurse Business Online Presence

Online Presence Is About Positioning Yourself To Be Credible, Trustworthy And Respectable, So People Feel Safe Doing Business With You

Have You Ever Google'd A Person Or Business Only To Find Nothing?

In this day and age if you can't find information online about someone, they automatically become 'suspect'.  It's infinitely harder to generate business for yourself without online credibility.

If your business isn't online then you are missing a massive opportunity for your ideal clients to "stumble upon" you or "discover you".  What do I mean by that?

Well, imagine you Google "best nurse entrepreneurs" what will you find?  

Well in fact you will find an interview that I did with Small Biz Trends on ideas for nurse entrepreneurs.  You might be curious and read the article.  Then you may very well stumble upon my website and discover I offer exactly what you were looking for.  You found me, and if my online presence convinces you that I have what you need, you will do business with me.  This happens over and over for me.

Now imagine, you come across an ad in a magazine about nurse entrepreneurs that I purchased.  You go to my website, but you are on guard because you think I'm trying to sell you something.

It's the same exact message, but it matters who discovers who...

I have to work 10x harder to "sell" a person I attract from an ad than someone who "discovers" me from a Google search.


Establish Your Online Presence

Having an online presence IS the new business card.  I haven't had business cards for years.  I send people directly to my lead magnet (something I give in exchange for an email).  I run potential clients through a funnel so they get to know me.  I nurture them over time and eventually many of them buy from me even at high price levels.


Because over time they learn to trust me and believe I can help them.

The Benefits Of Online Presence

Clients Think They Discovered You

Being discovered is much more powerful than you going to the client.  You are in control when people find you, and they sell themselves on your product or service.

Kimble Walters NursePreneur Elite Concierge Nursing

Develop The Know, Like, Trust Factor

Building out funnels through an email marketing system allows you to sell higher end products and services over time.  An ad is one touch point, email can sent for free repeatedly.

Sell Multiple Times For Free

Sending an email at least once a week can keep you top of mind of your audience.  Plus you can see how responsive your audience is to various offers.

Generate Endless Traffic

Once you have your system set up, you can drive endless traffic to your funnels and build relationships with your ideal clients (and repel the people who aren't your target audience).

Catie and the team at NursePreneurs were amazing  They helped me build my webinar funnel and make thousands of dollars.”  Gigi Elizee, MSN

Creating an online presence will differentiate you

There is a lot of noise out there.  When you first start out it seems virtually impossible to break through the noise.  But there are proven ways to get yourself heard and in front of the people who matter.  You don't need millions of people in your business.  You only need buyers, and that is who we will help you attract with precision messaging, positioning and on point marketing.

The Customer journey

Having just any website isn't enough.  You need a marketing website if you are in business to take your client on a journey that matches your brand.  Your website needs to position you as an authority and have clear instructions on what the visitor needs to do next.

Look no one wants to subscribe to your list anymore.  That was novel 10 years ago.  It's harder and harder to get people's email address and most business owners don't know what to do with them anyway. 

What Others Say


Catie and her team at NursePreneurs designed a gorgeous website for my business that clients easily find.  I used to have an embarrassing website that I hid.  Now I always tell people to go to my website because it's gorgeous.

Kimble Walters, RN 

Elite Concierge Nurses


Juanita is amazing at systems.  I had no idea what a funnel was or even how to set one up.  Then once it was set up Juanita got me going with my welcome sequence and a plan for what to write in the future, how often, and as a nurse she gets what I need to say.  Thank you!!

Gwen Jewell RN

Bedsore Rescue


I don't know where I'd be without Catie, Juanita and the team at NursePreneurs.  They have helped me so much developing my online presence.  I used to answer the phone myself until Catie's team implementing the customer journey series.  Now it's better for everyone.

Gifty Aidoo, RN

Paradigm Infusions

Partner With Us

If your nurse business needs online presence here is how we can help:

1. We start with a 1:1 call with you to understand your business.  This is essential because your pitch needs to be on point and clear in the first 5 seconds.  It is vital to work with someone on messaging because you suffer from knowing too much and making it too complex.  We simplify your message into a few words (value $1000)

2. Meet with our brand identity expert who will work with you to create the mood, atmosphere and general feeling you are going for with the proper colors, fonts, and images.  Presentation is everything. Chicken at a fast food restaurant is the same chicken at the 5 star Michelin restaurant.  The $100 price difference is presentation.  Your colors, fonts and image choices are what visitors see first.  The brand identity expert will create a brand kit for your business that will be used for your website, your social media, any collateral you create.  Finally you will have a consistent and professional look (value $1500)

3. Your website built for you on the Wordpress platform.  Why Wordpress?  A few reasons, some are very technical, but here it goes.  Wordpress is free, so we won't transfer over subscription fees that you have to pay.  The plugins that are available for Wordpress seem limitless, which means you have virtually unlimited possibilities for your website.  Google ranks Wordpress sites higher, so you can actually be found online, the metadata possibilities are incredible.  We can create beautiful customized websites, and we use a visual drag and drop framework that you can learn to use in less than 5 minutes to make any tweaks or changes you would like (value $1500).

4. Your website is built for business.  There are tons of pretty sites out there, some are magazine style or blog style.  If you are in business, you don't want just a pretty site.  You need a site that leads people to a sale.  Your website needs to be a sales page.  Don't hide that you are selling something.  Visitors come there because they are looking for solutions to problems.  If your messaging is on point (like it will be), the presentation is appealing and the solution is there, they won't keep looking.  But if you make them work to find out what you are selling, you will lose them.  We set the website up to promote you, your message and your solution (value $1500).

5. Your website written for you.  There are so many pieces to websites!  If you don't know how to write a sales page (copy), then your sales will depend if you are natural at writing copy or not.  Don't chance this.  We have professionals who will take your idea and words and build it right into your website. Our copywriters are nurses, so they get what you are trying to say, and they say it in a way that sells your ideas, sells your positioning, and most importantly sells your solution.  Most people don't realize this tremendous value.  Putting the website design is only half the work done.  Without the right words the website doesn't have any purpose.  Let us take your words and right for the Internet to sell your solution (value $1500).

6. Get your lead magnet custom designed for you.  What is a lead magnet?  This is a way for you to entice people to give you an email address.  This is important because only 3% of visitors will be ready to buy TODAY when they find you.  But how do you reach the other 97% tomorrow?  If you have their email address you can send promotions whenever you want.  The lead magnet needs to be more than just "Subscribe to my email list".  We have built interactive quizzes, recipe books, mini video courses and more for our NursePreneurs.  We will help you choose your lead magnet, give it a compelling title, a beautiful design and connect it to your website (value $1500).

7. We create the funnel for the lead magnet.  What happens after someone gives you an email address? Well they need to go into a funnel.  This is your first funnel that indoctrinates visitors into your process, ideas and web of persuasion.  We create a welcome email sequence that introduces new visitors to you.  You can then create various types of funnels from there, but this first welcome sequence is vital to your brand.  This is the piece where many of our NursePreneurs have gotten frustrated trying to "figure out the tech".  But now you can focus on your business, your job and your family and we'll take care of this piece (value $2000).

8. We create your social media banners for You Tube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.  We keep your banners on brand to create a professional and consistent look across platforms (value $1000).

9. We partner with you to create a LinkedIn profile that works.  LinkedIn is NOT a job search site, it's a professional network.  My NursePreneurs have attracted many clients and opportunities from LinkedIn, but your presence there matters A LOT.  LinkedIn is a vital component of being found online and you want to be ready when found (value $1000). 

If you try to do each of these pieces by themselves expect to pay a minimum of $12,000

Total Value Of This Service: $12,500

Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, RN

I'm the CEO & Founder of NursePreneurs.  It's our mission to empower nurses to start and scale profitable business models.  We would love to be a part of your business.  We are a team of nurses empowering nurses.