The Nurse Business Starter Progra​​​​m

Are you ready to... 

  • Make a change from shift work to running your own business? 

  • Gain more time and more freedom?

  • Define your own rules when it comes to serving your patients?

  • Help others AND generate a 6-figure income?

You already know everything you need to start a highly profitable nursing business. You don’t need more licenses, certifications or degrees.

What you need is a PROVEN SYSTEM to define, focus and validate your idea and build a solid foundation for your NursePreneur business.

The Nurse Business Starter Program teaches you how to leverage your nursing knowledge into a product or service you can sell and people will buy.

What's included:

On demand access to Catie’s proven nurse business building formula to define, design and launch your dream NursePreneur business. This is the same formula hundreds of nurses across America have been using to start their own businesses.

You don’t have to do this alone. You’ll have access to support, accountability and partnerships in our Facebook community to keep you on track and focused.  (We even have fun contests to keep you motivated and on task).

You’ll also have access to mentoring from nurses who own successful businesses and who want to help you through this process of starting your own business. 

Once you’re finished this course, if you want more help to launch and grow your business, you’ll be able to apply for the exclusive NursePreneur Mastermind and attend live in-person retreats.

Lori Kerley - Nursepreneur Mastermind Testimonial

“Catie saw things in me I didn’t see in myself. She often says dreams come true when you have one—and she’s right. Now I’ve recently given up my night shift job and I am able to focus more time on building my business because I have more clients coming in!”

Lori Kerley DNP, RN 

Nurses make great entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurship starts with an idea - a better way of doing things. Many nurses are frustrated with the current state of health care - it’s hard on nurses and patients. Nurses are leaders and long to make change that is a win-win for everyone.

Business is all about thinking about the needs of others. You know what your patients need from you and how you can help them achieve their goals. You’re already service-minded. 

A successful business has a loyal clientele. Loyal clients come from connection and as a nurse, you know how to create connection. It’s the essence of your day-to-day job. 

Nurses are also masters of the art of persuasion. This skill comes in handy when it's time to sell your product or service.

Business is constantly changing. An entrepreneur must be resourceful and flexible.  In your nursing career, you face new challenges and opportunities every day. You thrive on learning and growing.

Entrepreneurs want to make a lasting impact. You got into nursing to make a difference, but living by the rules of others as a nurse can leave you feeling burnt out and unfulfilled. Becoming your own boss will allow you to define your legacy and be recognized for your expertise.

Erin Kansek - Nursepreneur Mastermind Testimonial

“I saw other nurses starting business just like I wanted to do. Catie helped me to jumpstart my new business with IV hydration. This never would have opened if it weren’t for her guidance and laser coaching.”

Erin Kansek, RN
RevIVe Cafe IV Hydration

Real Nurses, 

Real Results

Our students have gone on to provide:

  • Concierge nursing services for surgical patients
  • Training programs for oncology nurses
  • Private nursing for dementia patients
  • Women's health coaching  
  • Concussion education programs
  • IV hydration therapy
  • Medical editing
  • And many more businesses…

Not sure you're ready to become a NursePreneur? 

You aren’t sure what to do, but know you need a change. You are done with 12-hour shifts and more responsibility with little to no recognition

You have an idea, but don’t know how to transform it into a profitable business

You don't know if anyone would pay you for your services

You’re worried that you don’t have the authority or credibility to teach others about a topic that you know inside and out, despite the fact you have 10,000+ hours of experience

You want the flexibility to set your own schedule and the freedom to decide who you work with

You want to make an impact and leave a lasting legacy on the healthcare system

Guess what? This program is EXACTLY for YOU!

Your nursing skills and knowledge are what people are desperately looking for – they WANT, NEED and DESIRE coaching, counselling, consulting, services, training in every aspect of health and wellness.

It's your turn to transform healthcare & finally have the business (and lifestyle) you deserve! 

This program is NOT for you if: 

  • You want to supplement your income by a few extra hundred dollars a month. Go pick up some overtime! 
  • You are looking to get rich quick. Building a business takes hard work and determination. It won’t happen overnight, but it could happen within 12 months if you follow this step-by-step system.
  • You aren’t committed to doing the work. The Nurse Business Starter Program can be done at your own pace. Most participants finish within 12 weeks if they put in 5-10 hours per week. If you have zero time to do anything else in your life, then consider waiting until you can clear a bit of time (even just 1 hour a week).
Aimee Walsh - Nursepreneur Mastermind Testimonial

"​I needed to be out of the hospital system. I called Catie to see if she could help me. Not only did she help me leave shift work, but she opened me up to a possibility I wasn't even considering - My own business.  Now I can’t sleep at night because I’m so excited about my business and how it’s growing.”

Aimee Walsh, MSN
Concierge Nurse Services

Meet Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, RN

Founder, NursePreneurs

Over the past 20 years, I’ve spent more than $150,000 on coaching and business education programs trying to find a better way to use my nursing expertise. Just like you, I struggled with feeling under appreciated and burnt out on the hospital floor. I moved into a teaching position, but that actually was a step back financially for my career!

I started and failed at several businesses because I insisted on doing everything my own way, by myself. 

When I had my son, my focus shifted. I needed to financially support him, but I longed to spend MORE time with him instead of working long shifts and multiple jobs. I got serious about becoming a NursePreneur. 

I knew that there had to be an easier way to make 6-figures and leave a lasting legacy from all of the years of education and hands-on nursing experience I had acquired. 

I invested in the right mentors and FINALLY learned how to design, systemize and market my own successful NursePreneur business: Concierge Nurse Services. Now I own multiple businesses and have been to over 100 countries showing the world to my son and enjoying life while my nursing expertise makes money for me.

It wasn’t an easy journey and I learned many lessons along the way. That’s why I created the Nurse Business Starter Program - so you don’t have to go at it the hard way, like I did! 

I want to personally show you how I have transitioned hundreds of nurses to pursue their passion, leverage their expertise, make an impact on healthcare and run a 6-figure business in less than 12 months!

After the Nurse Business Starter Program, you will:  

Know exactly what your dream business could be and who it will serve

Have a step-by-step plan to gradually phase into entrepreneurship without sacrificing the financial stability you currently have

Understand how to market your business to easily get clients

Have confidence to finally take the leap towards the life of your dreams

Join today and receive: 

Module 1: 
The Problem

Every business starts with an idea, but not all ideas are created equal.


  • Learn the #1 step (most nurses forget to take) to build a business that meets your goals and financial needs
  • Test your different business ideas without spending a dollar, so you don’t waste your time on a bad idea that doesn’t pay
  • Avoid future downfalls by ensuring your idea aligns with your passion and ambition

Module 2: 
The Audience

Similar to business ideas, not all clients are created equal.

  • Research who your potential buyers are to gain an understanding of their needs 
  • Determine if there is enough interest in your idea to sustain your vision
  • Learn how solving problems is the secret to healthy profit margins and happy clients

Module 3: 
The Competition

Competition isn’t scary. They’ve paved the way for your success and here’s where you will learn from them.

  • Uncover your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses 
  • Use the insights from your competitor espionage to determine how you can provide a superior service or product
  • Define how to set yourself apart from the competition and take your business to the top in your industry

Module 4: 
The System Solution

Here’s where your brainstorming and research comes together.

  • Use Catie’s proven nursing business building formula to bring your business from concept to solution
  • Clearly define your business offer - neatly packaged, positioned and priced

Module 5: 
The Message

How you market your business is everything.

  • Design the perfect pitch, so your clients are convinced your solution is EXACTLY what they’re needing
  • Define your client’s transformation in a way that speaks to them
  • Focus on how to market your business to attract and sell to your ideal client in a way that doesn’t feel icky or salesy

Module 6: 
The Business

Now that you’ve defined your business, it’s time to set up your business systems for success.

  • Set up and register your business as a legal entity
  • Create legal contracts and obtain business insurance to ensure your working relationship with your clients is well defined, and your business is protected
  • Implement a bookkeeping system for tracking income and expenses to make submitting your taxes a breeze


Done For You

($1500 value)


Masterclass with
Eric Levenhagen, 

Tax Accountant

($1000 value)


Coaching Call

​with Lorie Brown, 
Nurse Attorney

($500 value)


Join now for $399


That's $150 savings!

This course will jump start your success  

Catie Harris is the NursePreneur Mentor

Now, I know you are wondering if this is such a great program, why is the investment so little?

Rather than trying to “figure it out on your own” by surfing the internet for free resources and sinking valuable dollars into unvalidated business ideas, I want to set you up for success.

I believe that you will never know if you don’t try. I’m offering The Nurse Business Starter Program as an affordable option for you to gain access to the method, insight and support needed to test whether you can be a successful 6 or 7-figure NursePreneur. Starting a business may not be your true passion or calling, but I want to give you a low-cost opportunity to figure that out.

Because the truth is if you are destined to be a NursePreneur, this course will jump start your success.

Don’t just take my word for it. 

Here's what people are saying...

“We literally went from lunch to launch in a couple months. I had been walking around with this idea for a business in my head.. but there was never enough time, enough money to get started.. But what it came down to just needing someone in my corner rooting me on and giving me step by step guidance. Catie is the best mentor that I didn't know I needed to ask for."

Guiliana Labella, RNOwner

"Catie has mastered the art of taking nothing and transforming it into something amazing. You'd have to be crazy not to jump at an opportunity to work with her. She IS the 'trusted authority' in business coaching."

Bob Hess, PHD, RN, FAAN 
Executive Vice President & Chief Clinical Executive On Course Learning;

"As an academic, I'm really skeptical of online courses and crazy claims just like any one should be.. But Catie is the real thing. The amount of time and effort she poured into her course rivals the best of anything I've seen come out of a University setting and you'll know it's great stuff from the first lesson."

Carey Heck, PHD, RN


This course is guaranteed to take you from no idea to an established business concept in 6 weeks IF you do the work!  Try the program risk-free for 30 days. If you don't agree that this is the best program for the value, we will refund your money.  Just complete the workbook, send it to us and we'll refund the entire cost. 


Who is this program for?

What kind of business can I start?

How much time will the program take?

I have no business experience and am not sure what business I want to do, will this program work for me? 

I've already started a business, is this program for me?

What kind of support is available?

When can I expect to see results?

What other expenses should I expect?

When can I join the Mastermind?

Can I get a refund? 

When can I start the course? 

Make a lasting impact on healthcare

- on your own terms! 


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