WARNING: The Mastermind Is Limited To Only 10 Nurses: 7 (3 Spots Are Already Gone)


Make an impact and generate A
6-Figure Business This Year?

Are You Ready To Transform From Shift Work To A 

Life by design

I want to personally show you how I have transitioned nurses to pursue their passion, leverage their expertise To Make An Impact On Healthcare and run a 6-figure business in just 12 months!

Get started Creating your 6-figure nurse business Idea this year In Stage 2 - Nurse Business Starter Program.  

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Read This Before Going ANY Further

From The Desk Of Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, RN

Philadelphia, PA

Nurses make great entrepreneurs.

Compare core nursing qualities to what business owner and marketers pay tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn.

Nursing Skill  --> Becomes A Dire Business Need

  • Empathy --> Audience Research (How To Listen)
  • Attention To Detail --> Processes & Systems (Spreadsheets & Checklists)
  • Critical Thinking --> Strategy (Being 10 Steps Ahead & Coordinating Moving Pieces)
  • Resourcefulness --> Money Management (Working On A Shoestring Budget)
  • Adaptability --> Agile Coaching (Workload Demands Constantly Changing)
  • Persistence --> Sales Force (No Is Not An Acceptable Answer)

You could essentially create a business teaching entrepreneurs Nursing 101.  All you are missing is the proven, step by step process that will take you where you want to go.  

Today this process is exactly what I have for you.

Catie Harris

Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Mastermind

In my blueprint to becoming a NursePreneur, I described 4 stages of success.....

  • The first stage is consuming free resources and recognizing that becoming a NursePreneur is the right path for you.
    Found inside the Blueprint. 

  • The second stage is finding a 6-figure problem that you can solve and create a business model around.  
    Learn more about The Nurse Business Starter Program on this page.

  • The third stage is marketing and branding your premium idea to start a 6-figure business.  
    This is the intensive, highly competitive Mastermind program.

  • The fourth stage is scaling your 6-figure business to build whatever you can dream.  
    This is my VIP Program for 7-figure nurses by invite only.

Stage 1 - Discovery

No one tells you what is involved in setting up a business

  • Free resources on the web
  • Read the blueprint
  • Review the stages
  • Decide if this is what you want
  • Join stage 2
Stage 2 - Define

No ideas?  Too many ideas? An idea but don't know how to get started?

  • Get your idea validated
  • Learn market research
  • Get feedback with coaching
  • Community
  • Business set up
Stage 3 - Design

Start marketing the right way to become a successful 6-figure business

  • Create your powerful brand
  • Design your website and funnel
  • Automate your systems
  • Set up effective marketing
  • Drive traffic and clients to you

Literally thousands of nurses received this blueprint, but very few will navigate a business to 6-figures and beyond.  

Not because they can't.  Rather because they will insist on reinventing the wheel at every step - they just need to "figure it all out" first.  Or they will simply be too afraid to put themselves out there and become the leader.   

My Mastermind process teaches nurses how to create a powerful brand, elevate their status and sell without feeling sleazy.  Clients will come to you.

Being eligible to join the intensive Mastermind is a competitive process of choosing NursePreneurs from the Nurse Business Starter Program based on their passion and productivity.

Only a limited number of nurses are asked to join the Mastermind each month from a large pool of nurses who want to start a business.

The Mastermind is where nurses thrive because of top quality coaching AND mentorship combined with a community of like-minded nurses.

How do you get chosen for the mastermind?  

It's simple.  

You simply need to be passionate about what you do and have a 6-figure business idea.  

And a 6-figure impactful business idea is exactly what we show you how to find in Stage 2:  Nurse Business Starter Program.

The Nurse Business Starter Program is all about the beginning steps you must take to build a solid foundation for your business.  This is the EXACT program I teach in the NursePreneur Mastermind that others have paid thousands of dollars to master.

Here is what we focus on:

  • Module 1 - Define the 6-figure problem you are going to solve

  • Module 2 - Target audience research so you can create what they really want to buy

  • Module 3 - Competitor espionage to put you ahead of where the competition is

  • Module 4 - Your solution neatly packaged, positioned and priced

  • Module 5 - Designing the perfect pitch, so you never have to sell

  • Module 6 - Set up your business systems, legal entity, and plan

The Nurse Business Starter Program will take effort and determination to complete.   

We want our community full of dedicated and driven NursePreneurs and you have to be ready for it.  A casual interest in business or you just like daydreaming about what if.... won't cut it.  If you have drive and determination, I know you will make it into our NursePreneur Community.

You need information - and you can literally find millions of free resources on the Internet about what anyone and everyone thinks you should do first and next. 

But nothing can come close to what laser coaching on your specific issues, mentoring you past obstacles and having a community of like minded NursePreneurs support you, can do...  which is why we offer all three in the Nurse Business Starter Program.

Coaching, Mentorship & Community IS the recipe for success in anything you do. 

You need all 3 elements.  Build these crucial elements into any budget you create for your business.

If you want to build your 6-figure business idea this year and you are ready to get started...

take advantage of this Limited opportunity 

What Am I Signing Up For?

  • My entire, proven program -- Nurse Business Starter Program -- on demand that takes you from 6-figure idea validation to a registered business without spending an extra dime.

  • Access to our Facebook community while you work through the material.  We provide support, accountability and partnerships in this group to keep you on track and focused.  
  • Participation in some healthy competitive contests to keep you motivated and on task - delivered in the Facebook group.

  • Access to my mentoring database of nurses who own successful businesses and who want to help you through this process of starting a business.  

  • Your business set up step-by-step, the right way the first time. Plus once you finish this course, your application for stage 3 (the Mastermind) will be complete and ready to submit.

What's The Investment?

The NursePreneur Mastermind starts at $3500.

For a limited time, we are offering this program - Nurse Business Starter Program, the first and foundational course of the NursePreneur Mastermind at the ridiculously low price of $249. 

Now, I know you are wondering if this is such a great program, why is the investment so little?

We are not offering this course to make money off of you..

We are offering this course to jump start your success, knowing that starting a business might not be your true passion or calling and not everyone will finish this program.

But you will never know if you can be a 6 or 7-figure NursePreneur until you try, so we are lowering the entry point for you to find out.  Trying to "figure it out on your own" or surfing the millions of free resources on the Internet is not a true test of whether or not you really want this.  The Nurse Business Starter Program is simply a way of getting started.  We are offering the starting point.

Here's what is in it for us:

We are looking for top notch NursePreneurs who just need to be nurtured more and who we can invest our time and energy into in the Mastermind.  We don't want your money unless we are confident that your idea can be successful.

Your success story is our success story so we only want to invite nurses into the Mastermind who have strong potential to reach 6 or 7 figures as a NursePreneur.  The Nurse Business Starter Program gives us exactly what we need to know to make this decision.

Don't Just take our word for it

See What others have said about their experience!


"Finding clarity is such a gift. I didn't understand how I could make a business out of my nursing knowledge. I was really "out" there with my ideas. Catie took my big ideas and showed me
a path that I couldn't see by myself. She was amazing to work with."

Lori Peters, MSN, RN Depo Med Liasion Nurse Rep


"We literally went from lunch to launch in a couple months. I had been walking around with this idea for a business in my head.. but there was never enough time,enough money to get started.. But what it came down to just needing someone in my corner rooting me on and giving me step by step guidance. Catie is the best mentor that I didn't know I needed to ask for."

Giuliana LaBella, RN Owner, ReviveMedicineGroup.


"Catie is amazing to work with. She is a beautiful person and I'm so glad I had a chance to meet her."

Kimberly Flowers Owner, Beauty and the Brand.


"No one tells you all the issues that will come up that aren't even related to nursing. Catie was better than any therapist. She helped me see what was holding me back and how to get past the barriers I put up for myself."

Tracy Flood, MSN, RN Advanced Practice Nurse


"Catie has mastered the art of taking nothing and transforming it into something amazing. You'd have to be crazy not to jump at an opportunity to work with her. She IS the 'trusted authority' in business coaching."

Bob Hess, PhD, RN, FAAN Executive Vice President & Chief Clinical Executive On Course Learning; Nurse.com


"Being a nurse is great, but it's exhausting to work with people the way we do. I wanted to stay in nursing, but not work such long shifts. I knew a business was a way to do it, and I had lots of ideas... But I didn't know where to begin, so I did nothing -- until Catie put me through her system!!!"

Delphina Preston, MSN, RN


"As an academic, I'm really skeptical of online courses and crazy claims just like any one should be.. But Catie is the real thing. The amount of time and effort she poured into her course rivals the best of anything I've seen come out of a University setting and you'll know it's great stuff from the first lesson."

Carey Heck , PhD, RN


"Catie is truly my mentor. She has given me so much and kept the bar raised for me. She knew that I was capable of so much more than I could see."

Dominick Osipowicz, MSN, RN Neuroscience Nurse


"Catie is one of those really genuine people you only meet once in a while who has the potential to change your life."

Dave Crane Global Motivational Speaker, author and best selling author.


I am still working through module one, but loving it. It has actually made me perform some deep soul searching and be able to put my thoughts into words. That may be because I have not followed the order but who knew I had to build a business around a product? But now I am loving it! I just get lost in the research and want to dive deep, read every link, every book, do every activity.

Lisa White Porter, MSN, RN

What if i want access to catie?

Follow the blueprint to business success

  • Stage 1 - Discover the blueprint to becoming a NursePreneur.   Make sure becoming a NursePreneur is something you want.

  • Stage 2 - Take advantage of the incredible opportunity that is presented to you here to define your passion and purpose and build it into a business model.  Catie has designed Stage 2 from her extensive experiences in business and with her mentors.

  • Stage 3 - Follow the steps and do the work required in Stage 2 to continue your progression. Submit your plan to become one of the few who are chosen to participate in Stage 3.  The Mastermind is an exclusive opportunity to have coaching and mentoring by Catie in small groups and to join a community of motivated NursePreneurs.

  • Stage 4 - The VIP Program is set up so you will have the opportunity to join an exclusive group of NursePreneurs building empires of 7-figures and more.  

You don't have to move through all the stages to be successful.  You choose what you want for yourself!  Now there is a new concept in nursing to live by...

Before joining with NursePreneurs I didn’t have a plan - other than becoming a coach - and I didn’t know how to get clients. (I actually got my first client so that I could take part in the program.) Going from selling $30 sessions to $300 sessions is a huge difference in just a month. I’ve started to value myself more, and I feel completely confident that each month will be consistent.

-Erin Kelley, RN


"If you are looking for someone to really show you everything you need to have in place to run a business and exactly how to get there Catie is the one to show you how. NursePreneurs gives you everything you need in a step by step plan.

Catie is amazing at both teaching you the business stuff and also coaching you through the many struggles you have or mindset shifts you need to make to get you inspired and back on point fast. Not only does NursePreneurs give you all that but it also gives you the most amazing bunch of women to go through the journey with, which has been totally priceless for me!"

~Christie D'Arcy


I’m still in full-time work and my goal is to get out of the healthcare system. I was at the point of 'I need something more, I want to make this happen a lot faster'.


I’m just gaining so much more knowledge from doing it this way, I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t joined. My proudest moment so far was getting my first client and seeing how much I am helping him.

~Lori Kerley, DNP


Before NursePreneurs, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. I had never run a business, and I was struggling with finding clients. A week after talking to Catie, I found my first client quite easily.  I am now 10 million times more confident that I will get clients -- and have realized that the confidence is key.  I can’t wait to see what the next few months will hold!

~Giuliana Labella


This is your defining moment

The decision is now.

Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, RN
Founder & CEO NursePreneurs

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