Starting A CPR Nurse Business

Have you ever thought about starting a CPR nurse business? What would it involve, how much would it cost? How much could you make?


Teaching CPR is a low barrier industry. Essentially all you need to get started is your certification and someone willing to pay you.

Dan is a perfect example of a nurse who is making this type of business work in some unlikely places. After all, it’s not just healthcare workers who need CPR and first aid training.

In this interview, Dan gives some real gems of information about what it takes to get started, what licensing you need, and what you can potentially earn. Hint, it’s better than overtime or what your 3rd job pays + the potential for growth is crazy!

Watch the interview (bonus—hear some other business opportunities Dan is exploring).

Catie Harris

Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, and Registered Nurse is the NursePreneur Mentor who has empowered hundreds of nurses to monetize their knowledge and skills in business, while inspiring them to change the way healthcare is perceived and delivered. Through her intensive mentorship programs, Catie shows nurses how their nursing knowledge can transcend the hospital system into a profitable business.

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