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Make Money Doing What You Love In Nursing

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Discover how to make money doing what you love

Finally learn business strategies that are proven to generate growth in record time. You will receive the fastest and most effective training to increase your sales and profits in the shortest amount of time possible. 

This strategy is part of the formula responsible for the success of nurses like Christie D'Arcy, Jason Deng and Lori Kerley and more! 

Through Catie Harris' direction, training, and support, many nurses have positioned themselves as business owners and exceeded their income objective in less than 12 months.  Now, it’s your turn.

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  • Define your passion and purpose, what you are meant to do in life and start your own business with the expertise you already have.
  • Design a system around your solution that will differentiate your new business.
  • Deliver your results with authority positioning that you need to establish yourself as the only logical choice in your niche.

Who Should Attend?

  • Those about to start a business and want to be able to generate proven strategies to generate top clients and consistent business.
  • Home based nursing business owners who have a desire to create a business based on design.
  • Nurses who are looking to differentiate themselves in a way that makes them the only “logical choice”.
  • Nurses who want to become consultants and who are looking to generate top dollar clients and to substantially increase their perceived value.
  • Nurse Coaches who want to understand how to effectively communicate what they do online and offline.
  • Nurse authors who want to leverage their book into continuity programs.

Why You Should Attend

  • You want to be trained by a mentor who has multiple successful businesses in nursing and who has trained other nurses using the same exact formula to help them achieve success.
  • You want to be an NursePreneur, but you aren't sure you have any interesting hobbies, expertise or product ideas to start a business.
  • You may have doubts about staying in the healthcare system at all.
  • You know what your true passion is and have never really found a way to monetize your dreams.
  • You are a nurse who wants that extra edge in your career.
  • You have a desire to be able to sell without feeling like a salesperson, so that you can effectively present any product or service in a way that generates a significant result. 

Catie gives you focus and belief in yourself.  She can give you the blueprint you need to start any business

Catie has helped me to feel confident in starting my business.  She was always in my corner and available for me to bounce ideas off and help me stay focused on what it was that I wanted to do.  And now my business is my full time job!

Christie D'Arcy //

Catie can turn your strengths and knowledge into a business

She has inspired me to start a business, to find what I'm really good at and how to put it altogether.  Without her, I get sidetracked and start focusing on ideas that aren't moving my business forward.  Catie can see what needs to be done and keeps me on track.

Dom Ospiowicz  //  Education Healthcare Resources